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Winter 2005 Issue

‘Don’t Knock The Church!’ Well, I’ve Good Support

Those opening words were addressed to me at Dover by a Methodist minister’s wife. Well, it all depends on what you mean by church! Indeed, it is the Latin Church which gave us a calendar in which Christ was supposedly born at the time of the return of the sun God; and who broke out of the tomb at the time of the festival of Ishta Indeed, these were events, amongst others, to which the original Church of Britain refused to submit until, following the Council Of Whitby, they were compelled to do so. Indeed, it is not surprising that – up to the later part of the last century – one would find little if any observance of either Christmas or Easter being given within the Free Churches of England and Wales; and even lesser reference still to these two festivals within the national and highly influential Church Of Scotland. ‘by law established’. Quite inconsistently, the Scottish, deprived of a carnivorous carousal at Christmas, have made up for things at the advent of the New Year. Christmas is still, very much, low key. Yes, but they certainly know how to give vent to their basic instincts once the year has ended and a new secular year has arrived.. Thankfully, however, the birds do not suffer the same as at Christmas and Easter as alcoholic beverages become first priority accompanied by (quite wrongly termed) ‘mince’ pies!

Well, I will continue to knock any branch of the Christian church while ever it distorts and corrupts the compassionate teaching and example of Jesus Of Nazareth; because, more and more, what the churches stand for appear to become, more and more divorced from all that Jesus came to impart. Indeed, I’m not alone here, as I see in the newly elected Archbishop Of York a cleric of similar opinion. Here are just a few of his words concerning the Anglican church of which he is now second in command:

‘We’ve had our reports, our commissions, our conferences, seminars, missions, synodical reviews, liturgical reforms – the lot! But little question has been given to the question: who is Jesus? And what does He mean for those who put their trust in Him? ‘Why have we in England turned this glorious gospel of life in the Spirit in to a cumbersome organisation that repels, and whose people are dull, complacent, judgmental and moralising?’

Would to God that Canterbury or Rome spoke like this!

It is Christ whom we must always seek to obey; and when any churches teaching conflicts with His, as revealed in Scripture, then we do right to knock it. Yes, and no more so than when any branch of Christendom plays down or excludes the animals from the Good Shepherd’s care, from a place in His church or, indeed, a place in Heaven. Sadly - from the very beginning! – the human body of Christ has let Him down. He, traditionally, fell 3 times on the Via Dolorosa, necessitating a Cyrenian to carry His cross. And this mystical ‘body of Christ’ – the church – continues to abysmally fail Him. Consequently, He must be our example at all times; and He is the One whose Father chose that He be born between two abused types of animals; be laid to rest in their feeding trough (a manger); that animal carers (shepherds) be singled out to witness an apparition of angels above the fields of Bethlehem. Yes, and that not only would this infant Jesus later model His compassion on extant animal carers (prepared to lay down their lives for sheep); but His first act of militancy would be one of liberating both birds and animals from ritual slaughter. (See John 2:14-16)

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