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Winter 2005 Issue

Here We Are In Protest, Within Chester

‘Smiling After The Heavens Had Opened!’

Robbie Burns said: ‘It’s an ill wind that blows no good’; and I’ve a feeling that much good – most of all for the birds! – may well come out of this threatened Asian bird flu epidemic. I do know this: it is a grand opportunity not only to expose the appalling evils of intensive factory farming but it is an ideal time to advocate the blessings of both veganism as well as vegetarianism. Indeed, if the vast majority will not oppose evil for what it is to the birds and animals then they may well do it for fear of their own demise from Asian bird flu. Such, indeed, was the gist of our most recent vigil.

Doreen and I truly love a nut roast, and especially at Christmas. Yet, so many chefs or restaurants are afraid to advertise it because of the assumed danger of nuts. I find it strange that under the heading of fish and birds that similar small writing does not warn of the danger of small bones. If such menus are not a little slanted then I’ll be anxious to know the answer. I know this: that with every year that comes, more and more delicious vegan and vegetarian options come on the market. Indeed, I sense that more and more delightful activists – quite behind the scenes – are making their voices heard if not their letters! Yes, only last week I visited Wetherspoons; and there – on the top of the inside menu- were these words: ‘All eggs served by us are Free Range’. Well, I don’t know about you, but I congratulate them. And, as there is no time like the present, and as ‘procrastination is the thief of time’ I temporarily put the rest of this Newsletter to one side until I have sent them a letter to heartily commend them.

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