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Winter 2005 Issue

The Depths Some Folk Stoop For Publicity

Jamie Oliver who has done a good job introducing health awareness to school dinners, is a typical prodigy of this 21st century. In one way he does a lot of good, while in another way he succumbs to the life style of the masses of unregenerate carnivores. Boiling alive lobsters has not only been one practice of which he apparently approves. Last month’s programme’ ‘Jamies Great Escape’ revealed yet a further willingness to pander to the practices of desensitised ‘human’ chauvinists.

The programme showed a lamb being selected from a flock, taken in to a barn, and its throat slit. Yes, all in full view of the nation’s viewers who were tuned in to channel 4. Need one wonder that the country in which this occurred was Italy: the home of Roman Catholicism? Indeed, it is the Latin countries that have condoned such kinds of evil towards animals. Yes, and all an outcome of a Medieval based theology that has, repeatedly, denied rights to the animal creation. Surely a system, I very much feel, which – while it has kept its laity, up to recent decades, very much subservient through fear of future consequences - has taught that not only may we mistreat animals in this life (‘if it’s for human benefit’?), but that these poor creatures do not even possess a life in the hereafter.

Well I’m glad to say that enlightened Catholics are now thinking otherwise!

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