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Winter 2005 Issue

There Can Be Worse Evils Than Even An Abortion!

I learned, first hand, about a fellow in my past parish who had no qualms whatsoever about eating intensive factory reared meat, fowl and eggs. He had no qualms about eating frogs legs or lobster. Not unnaturally, he enjoyed hare coursing, greyhound racing and – whenever in Spain – bullfighting. Indeed, you couldn’t blame him for the priests whom he revered out of conditioning were avid participants of such things.

He was a loyal adherent of his church. Hence – much against medical advice – he had a large family as birth control - apart from a so-called rhythm period, was out! Well, before long, his dear wife, who was well and truly worn out for her age, was again expecting. And this time the outcome was put to him by deeply disturbed medics. “We cannot save both of them this time. Is it to be your wife – the mother of your young family – or the unborn foetus she carries?” Well, the man did the worst thing imaginable – though he thought it was the best! – He asked his parish priest. You can imagine the outcome. Another child was born; to be reared motherless with the others.

The man was never the same again. All sparkle went out of his life; and two years later, mounting his motorbike, he went out on a spin; and then, nearing a bridge he accelerated and took himself over the edge of the same. Yes, according to his sister – a convert to my Scottish Episcopal church – he simply could not live with his conscience. Thankfully, his sister became not only a regular communicant but also an avid supporter of ones animal activist endeavours throughout the parish.

Well, whereas the demand for abortion ‘as a woman’s right’ may well and truly have gone well over the top, there are occasional grounds when it is surely the lesser of two evils. We have the examples of rape, or of that of a retarded girl taken advantage of. Not to mention factors such as incest; and the abnormality of a future birth! Indeed, to forbid a termination in situations like these is, in my mind, not only evil but diabolic.

The strangest of contradictions appears to confront that branch of Christendom which – while it states, categorically, that an unbaptised life can never enter Heaven but is destined for Limbo – it equally fights for the rights of the unborn! Yes, putting such a pre.birth existence before the precious life of the one who carries it. Well, I sense that Jesuitical casuistry will seek to rationalise it; but how justifiably so is another matter!

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