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From Autumn 2006 Issue

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them

The photo above surely speaks for itself! There is innocence and a trustfulness in both creatures that speaks volumes to a discerning mind. There seems to be a mutual bond and trust as if they are both so close to the heart of God. However, with the passing of time the desensitising and ultimately exploiting character of man destroys such a picture. The sheep soon learns to distrust humans, and rightly so. And as for the youngster, she will become so removed from that earlier closeness and, indeed, kinship, as to have a leg of lamb on her future plate at school dinner. Ah, but thankfully, that is only half the story. Cheryl is no longer a conditioned child but a grown up who is throwing off the shackles of past programming and is now a recently qualified social worker, more and more reprogramming her own future life style, revealing compassion and care for those lives which are much more vulnerable than her own.

It is a regrettable fact that the older one grows ‘educationally’ then the more desensitised one is programmed in to becoming. The roles of parchment and a mortarboard are seldom for those with a mind of their own. It is for those willing to be subservient to those they are persuaded to adulate as academic superiors to ones self. It is, mostly, for those who tow the line and imbibe 95 % assimilation of others views, and retain about 5% of their own. Thankfully, the young lady – who along with her Mum, has graduated at the same time – are amongst those prepared to go out and face the real world and – thank God! - think for themselves.

Indeed, concerning the little folk who inhabit our earth I well remember last week traveling in a crammed coach of holidaymakers as the narrow gauged train chugged its way through the lovely welsh countryside. Doreen and I were padrly surrounded by little people, some little more than toddlers; and – as if to make the day more memorable still - a little puppy engrossed in the atmosphere was further back, wagging its tail for all it was worth.

Yes, Doreen was truly rejuvenated in spirit as she spoke to the closest of these little ones while their proud parents looked on so happily. These children made me very much aware of a third presence in such a midst. Yes, none other than Jesus Himself! It appeared that in the midst of so much joy the Nazarene had invisibly come to join in the joy. But then – after several happy moments - my thoughts moved on to something awfully tragic: ‘where would these happy innocent lives be, ten years or so from now?’ Indeed, I sense that Jesus was thinking along similar lines. Yes, and then His words came back to me. Not only uplifting ones such as: ‘of such is the kingdom of heaven!’ but much more sobering ones: ‘woe unto this world for offences; yet offences must surely come. However, who so ever becomes a stumbling block to one of these little ones that believeth in me, better for that person that he had never ever been born’

And who are the ones that are a cause of offence to one of these little ones? Are they the pedophile priests of Catholicism who – via the confessionals – have preyed upon young folk, assessing their vulnerability so as to ‘groom’ them later? Well I’ll not go in to that one, I’ll simply recommend a book by a dear colleague who was abused as a youngster himself (see next article). For the present moment, I have in mind a protest I took outside Dounrey nuclear site in the far north of Scotland. – Oh yes, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll repeat it again! -There were hardly a dozen of us there, but we knew full well of lethal faults within that nuclear system that so many had sought to cover up.

We knew also that the fish of that area had to be avoided by the fishermen because so many were deformed through so much radioactive waste seeping out in to the sea. We were not surprised to learn how the sheep that grazed in that region were not allowed to be sold for meat within the whole of that vicinity! Yes, as for ourselves, we were moved with compassion for the vulnerable families of such an area – especially the youngsters. However, the nuclear site provided much needed employment for the vicinity and, when we made our protests, none less than a parish minister himself became our clerical opponent. He leaned backwards to side with the mercenary motivated nuclear authorities, along with MPs anxious to win local votes. And – saddest of all - even the rank and file of workers preferred to oppose us because the industry rewarded them with lucrative employment.

Then I thought of the children of such families; of the piling up of nuclear waste; of the future hell that all those supportive of the nuclear industry were creating for their children, grandchildren, and children yet to be born I’m not ashamed to say it: ‘I wanted to cry; and I knew that I was not alone’. Those brave protestors felt similar to myself, and again I was conscious of the tears of the Nazarene whose presence felt so close. Well, I tell you, the grotty politicians who are crazily pushing for more nuclear sites today – be they Tory, Labour or (God forbid: Lib Dem) – are little more than myopic stooges of a heartless chemical conglomeration whose god is mammon. And as for the clergy who could speak out but prefer ‘courting the praise of man to the praise of God’: they will reap the wrath of a righteous Christ whose strongest denunciations throughout His ministry were singled out for their first century counterparts: the scribes and Pharisees who, as ‘whitened sepulchres’, appeared attractive on the outside, but were inwardly full of rotting carcasses. If you don’t believe me, look up: Matthew Chp: 23!

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