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From Autumn 2006 Issue

Book Review:
by Martin OíShea & Tony Wright


Here is a soft back 62 page book which takes me back to my Dandy and Beano days because it is basically a picture book like they were. However, itís content is far from humorous and is, therefore, more akin to a Sexton Blake detective presentation of those far off years. Indeed, in a computor age of being glued to a dazzling screen in which to acquire information, how relaxing and enjoyable it is to relax in an armchair and read in a comic cuts style that which is, alas!, far from comical. Yet it needs to be read because, though fictional, it is so very largely built on past life encounters or reflections.

Having only yesterday viewed a most disturbing TV panorama exposing Paedophilia within the Roman church, and the quest to hide the guilty priests and ignore the plight of its victims THE LEAST AMONG US becomes up to date and compelling reading. Yes, and not least, because the way this Latin branch of Christendom has ignored, covered up, and frequently perpetrated cruelty towards animals has its counterpart in the way it similarly distances itself from human victims for which it was also responsible. The parallels are certainly intriguing, revealing that abuse towards one species so easily leads to that in another. It is surely; therefore, not necessary for me to tell you that Micheal O Shea (a pseudonym!) is an animal activist of some considerable standing. He, and also the co-author of this picture book, are equally most gifted in art work. If one picture conveys a thousand words, then this hand sized publication has a great deal to make one think. I strongly commend ití.

Available direct from the publisher Ascendant Press, PO Box 291, Cardiff CF11 1ED at only £4.95

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