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From Autumn 2006 Issue

Witnessing With Others In Oxford

Being aware of a weekly protest taking place outside the proposed primate site for vivisection – to be the largest of it’s kind in Europe! – I used the occasion of a past college reunion to give this our number one support However, this last Thursday in August found, at first, more police than there were protestors; though further protestors later arrived. Doreen got police permission to take the above photo and a few more. Meanwhile the representatives of the law constantly videoed us! Well, I realise that they have a job to do and, lets be quite frank, the officer in charge was a perfect gentleman and a true credit to the police force of Britain; yet it still made me feel that one was now already in a police state. And this was certainly not lessened when I later read the attached newspaper cutting below. It is from a most delightful couple up in Beverley: Eileen and Nigel who are practising Christians:

Although it is with much regret that the proposed Oxford centre for animal experimentation goes ahead, we pray that ultimately this building will be used as a noble centre for humane research. For the fact is that no lasting good can come out of mean, miserable, cruel and grotesque practices. Such must surely be the belief of all who believe in a morally just, caring and loving God who has planted a little of His character within even the least worthy of His subjects!

We may not be united in calling the great upholder of this universe Jesus Of Nazareth. We might prefer to identify Him with Buddha, Krishna or Allah. But one thing is sure: the enlightened followers of the world’s major religions believe that what ever one sows for good or evil is what one will reap back. Consequently, I would not ‘for even all the money in the world’ want to be in the shoes of short sighted vivisectors whose practices are blunting the finer qualities of mankind and turning them from being courteous Dr Jeckels in to laboratory Hydes. Bit by bit, and hardly noticeable to themselves the practice of having primates caught in the wild, put in to sanitized and cramped confinement to endure an hourly existence of mental torture and then, drawn out, physical pain, is something that no civilised human could condone – unless, he or she has been conditioned over the years through a gradual growth of desensitisation. Yes, such as that which incubated and then hatched a Mengelle, an Eichman and a Goebells - Doctors who practised similar evils, before retiring daily to express ‘selective compassion’ to their families and domestic pets!

You have, of course, every right to disagree with me and oppose me to the face. So far (but for how long I cannot tell you!) we can still ‘argue the toss’ until the cows come home. But as I see it – and I’m certainly not alone here – Big Brother is becoming Big Bully, and with subtlety and stealth the freedom those who died or were maimed for in the past two World Wars will have been lost because our present political regime is selling us out – hook line and sinker – to a totalitarian and crooked European state. What we as a nation have experienced since Magna Carta is under this present regime being taken from under our noses! And few seem to know it as they exist in their cocooned boxes; their offspring off to communal nurseries; and all later ‘advancement’ dependent on towing the line to a sordid secular state.

Ah well, as an increasingly fit 76 year old I’ll continue to speak out and fight for God’s vulnerable! Like others of my age I’m happy to have lived in eras when churches were often full, when Mum was a home maker, where Dad earned the pennies, where children were disciplined as well as deeply loved, where the house was a home and people stuck together ‘for better or for worse’ because they’d made such promises to God. Yes, an era when the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh were actually proud to sing Rule Britannia, Land of hope and glory, and – quite incredibly – there’ll always be an England!

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