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Spring 2006 Issue

The Passing Of A Compassionate MP

Yes, these are few and far between as far as animal welfare is concerned. What is more to his credit, Tony would have preferred the title animal activist to a welfarist becausae he did not mince his words when speaking out for our animal brethren. Indeed, I well remember sharing a platform with him in Dover where he made it abundantly clear to all of us that: given the choice between being a member of parliament and an animal activist, that the latter would have precedence every time.

Well, coming from the mouth of some other politicians I would suggest that it was simply a matter of playing to the gallery when confronted with like minded sympathizers; but, with a Tony Banks this was not so. Indeed, I was honoured to share fellow patronage of a militant animal activist movement which has no time for any – to quote Bunyan’s phraseology! - Mr Facing Two Ways! Indeed, for Tony Banks – and again using Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress as an example – I sense the bells are ringing out to welcome him home. Yes, along with, possibly, many a four legged creature as well. Indeed, the following words by Judi Hewitt of Rhyl, written the morning after his decease, are most apt and touching:

You were my hero Tony Banks. a brave heart, through and through.
You fought against a mighty foe; who didn’t have a clue
Your battles gained you many friends; with comrades near and far
There will be lots to greet you, when you enter your new star.

The foxes, deer, and the hare. and others too on mass
Will all line up and pave the way. and cheer you as you pass.
I never knew you Tony Banks; just knew you were the best.
Be sure your comrades will fight on; To beat the human pest

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