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Spring 2006 Issue

The Animal Rights Image

Here we have – far too often – an image of police confrontation with barriers being pulled down (often a very dangerous situation). Yes, and police horses braying in fright and on the verge of stampede, while members of the gentler sex yell out: ‘scum bags!’. And, of course, goaded on by less refined skinhead speakers with a most unkempt appearance hogging the microphone and repeating the same inflammatory stuff over and over again.

Well, one appreciates that frustration through police diversion of a route can result in the worst elements of human nature being expressed; but I have to ask myself – even though the press and TV coverage may love it – what image does all this kind of thing get over to the public? Well – for myself – I sense that it is a very poor one. Admittedly, there is a popular saying which affirms that there is no such thing as bad publicity; that all publicity works for the good. However, I choose to think otherwise How enlightening it is to find one or two cultured, educated and refined folk speaking up for our great Cause. But, alas, they are hardly the majority of orators for the movement. And if there is one speaker who is more militant than most then it is to a Robin Webb to whom I would take off my hat. For way back on several demos I’ve had the good fortune to hear him. Yes, and to observe him as well; and though few indeed would be as outspoken as he is, he remains a gentleman throughout. And, likewise, one could think of octogenarian Joan Court: a Cambridge graduate with culture and breeding, yet equally as forceful and as committed as Robin. I tell you: such people as these reveal what is so desperately needed in our fight for our brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom. And - shown here in the photo below! - one was again privileged, indeed, to meet up with Joan, at a Demo. which took place in Oxford just a couple of months ago..

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