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Spring 2006 Issue

The Buddhists Who Attended Huntingdon

The last time that Doreen and I visted Huntingdon was to join in a vigil outside the animal hell hole there. How privileged we were to share this occasion with Saffron robed Buddhist monks. For myself, I did my little part for the Christian faith and Doreen reminded me of how – before we all dispersed – a police officer came across and said: ‘You’ve really given us food for much thought today. You’ve shown a different side from that uncouth mob which usually turns out!’ Well, we said nothing, but the message came across as clear as a bell. One cannot fight fire with fire; hatred with hatred, evil with evil. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth simply leads to toothless blind folk unable to articulate and see.

We are certainly on a verge of revolution for the cause of animal liberation; but let it not end up with the legacy of the past Russian revolution or the French one, both of which had their redeeming points. Yes, but far too many un-redeeming points as well! For – as we all know – there is a fanaticism that is more for feeding the mouths of upstarts on a soapbox than for feeding weaker forms of life than ones own. No uncouth mob mentality should ever be allowed to mar the name of either Animal Activism, animal rights or animal liberation. And, consequently, I find it enlightening as well as uplifting that so many well-dressed senior citizens are joining our ranks. These, along with up and coming compassionate academics, are what is surely needed if we are to gain more than what we lose in the eyes of the public.

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