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Spring 2006 Issue

What Kind Of Image Do We Convey?

It’s been a long and drawn out winter, but - thanks to the good Lord! - the start of Spring is here. However, society as a whole has hardly lifted itself above doom and gloom. And even with Spring Day here as I type this letter, I find myself confronted outside with frump folk who appear as if they lived night and day in patched denim jeans. The gentler sex – ladies appears inappropriate! – no longer come across as vivacious, sparkling wearers of some gay blouse, a colourful flared skirt and pretty legs within them. Such past expressions of gaiety lifted the very spirit of man; if nothing else! You don’t have to agree but I wish they’d return!

I really feel that we have evolved in to being a cross breed between Lowry’s match stick paintings and that of the past Russian Communist image of all folk appearing identical - peas from the same pod! And as for the top designers of fashion, well they are reflected in a visit to the average Marks & Spencer displays. Yes, drab, dismal colours which cultivate a disposition of negativity and gloom. Yet, they wonder why their sales go down; and, no doubt, women wonder why – in their spirit of emancipation and equal rights – that same sex liaisons appear to be on the increase, with a dearth of interest from the other side. However, of much more relevance to this News Letter: what kinds of image do animal rights activists and pet lovers convey to the general public? Let’s consider them both separately:

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