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From Summer 2006 Issue

Making The Most Of A Free Press!

Many letters appear in the readers section of the Chester & Flintshire Chronicle Ė a newspaper that has never once belittled me and, unlike an occasional past Scottish counterpart Ė appears always anxious to give fair and accurate accounts concerning readers and their personal priorities. Indeed, I consider such a newspaper to be a credit to British journalism. However, that is but personal comment in passing. What Iím here out to do is to highlight an abridged form of a letter published last month by a local stalwart for our animal cause. Please read on:


THIS is some rotten world we live in! When Governments ignore the suffering of animals destined for live exports, vivisection, intensive farming, the slaughterhouse and the obscene fur trade. Even killing for sport has been allowed to continue because ot the lack of law enforcement.

However, I blame the public for not caring enough in the first place. Collectively we have the power to force change, but most lack the willpower to do anything. You leave it all to people like me who are often ignored and reviled by the media because they think we are too radical. They think we are bonkers tor giving our time to try to stop the awesome suffering of animals, which really do feel pain and suffer mental anguish. But what do you care? So long as you have your soap operas to watch and your fast food outlets to take the kids to.

Then there are those of you who just don't care anyway and would probably say what right have I to criticise? What does it matter if animals are screaming out in agony and despair so long as you can't hear them? Well some of you will have seen the terrified faces of dogs and cats in China being prepared for skinning and the heartbreaking screams - if you watched Paul and Heather McCartney's TV programme about China's horrific fur trade.

But do you really think animals don't suffer in this country? Well dream on, because they do. If any of you feel the slightest guilt about how animals are being mistreated in this God forsaken world, then do something about it. For a start boycott any product made in China. Stop eating meat and on the plus side you might just avoid some of those diseases connected to a meat diet. Write your own protest letters to the Press and tell them how you feel about the cruelty going on in your name. But for goodness sake do something!

Judi Hewitt,
North Wales animal rights campaigner

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