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From Summer 2006 Issue

Tormented In Hell Because, Seeing Need, He Refused To Act!

Yes, there is surely a hell that those who ignore the plight of weaker and more vulnerable life than their own must one day face. Not only wretched humans but wretched and abused animals and birds will surely rise up at the judgment day to confront them. While these end up in figurative bliss within ‘the bosom of Abraham’ their past exploiters, tormenters – and all who chose to ignore such evil - will have an eternity to consider what they could have done but preferred to switch off from noticing. Selective compassion is never enough implied Jesus. “If you only do good to those who are good to you, then you are no better than the hypocritical Pharisees and the corrupt tax collectors!”..

Mind you, it takes guts to show love and compassion to those who oppose you!. Consequently, as animal activists we must reflect compassion towards Vivisectors too! This is not to compromise or show weakness but, indeed, to reveal true spiritual strength. Our Heavenly Father showers rain as well as sunshine on the just as well as the unjust, and we must endeavour to reflect His image. What is more, few ever won an argument through heated argumentation ‘out shouting’ or seeking to stamp upon the opposing side. Indeed, there is also truth in the saying: ‘a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still’.

Of equal significance, any truly successful salesman will tell us that all the reasoning to get a prospective buyer to accept one’s offer does not matter half as much as in selling ones self first. Psychology comes to a similar conclusion when it tells us that how we communicate is 10% through words but 90% body language. Yes, and the success or failure of the 10% expressed in words will depend on how they touch the client’s emotional makeup. Cold and calculated reasoning may well get us top marks in examination papers, but we are fools if we think that our opponents to our cause of animal activism are to be ‘conquered’ solely by statistics and logic. Not, of course, that the latter are without some significance..Jesus made it clear, “Seek to be as wise as serpents yet as harmless as doves”.

Indeed, we can prove statistically that the fourth top cause of death in the UK as well as the USA is adverse reaction to medically prescribed drugs – all animal tested! And this does not include drastic side effects that may last a lifetime! But try and tell this to those clutching on to straws as they, or a loved one, is dying of some deeply developing cancer and they’ll hardly hear you, should they hear you at all!

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