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From Summer 2006 Issue

While Ever Society Abuses Animals For Food It Will Support Vivisection

Our opponents in the multibillion animal based cancer research charities realise that emotive language is far more influential than any juggled statistics they could choose to use and – I’ll say this for them – they know how to use it. That there are sadists in our opposing camps – I do not doubt.! But most of the animal abusers - be they vivisectors, intensive cattle farmers, poultry breeders or live exporters – are primarily the fruits of a desensitising educational system. Yes, and so are the consumers who chose battery eggs or intensively bred fowl in preference to free range. And – horror of horrors! - these are the majority!

Of more relevance still, these are not concerned one jot about the fowl enduring a lifetime of hell - provided that one solitary meal is the end product for them! Then are you to wonder that they support vivisection rather than oppose it? The former lifetime’s incarceration of a bird is ’justified’ by them because such a living hell will ultimately provide a ‘human’s!’ solitary meal. As for the end product of vivisection, it could – they believe - ‘possibly’ save them or their dearest from a life time of appalling suffering. Consequently, while ever any society condones the abuse of animals for unnecessary ‘food’, it will - far more so - condone animal abuse within medicine..

Over the centuries – and recent decades as well – animal cruelty has been allowed to evolve because the moral leaders of our nation refused to nip it in the bud. Yes, and the rank and file – for reasons stated above - just couldn’t have cared less! As for the church leaders, more horror has been displayed over women becoming priestesses, or the prayer book being updated, than over birds being crammed in batteries or calves being exported for future incarceration in veal crates. And, of course, church leaders are but a reflection of what they were during Christ’s earthly life. They haven’t changed one iota in their moral priorities Christ denounced them for picking out moral gnats as they swallowed moral camels whole and then – when He liberated the birds and animals being sold by the money changers for ritual slaughter - thereby hitting them in their pockets - they began to plot His demise.

The present Bishop of Southwark’s recent stunt is a typical example of leaning backwards to please influential power groups. Indeed, on an exceedingly hot morning last month he blest sheep gasping for air on their way to ultimate slaughter. Many appeared on the verge of collapse due to the heat. Indeed, it had also been planned for the Salvation Army to play, and possibly sing, ‘The lord’s my Shepherd’ as the sheep were planned to pass their headquarters. However, due to forceful complaints from others – and not least from Lillian & Jim Buckner of NOWALE! – this Army for the Lord had a change of heart. No doubt, reminded of their Vegetarian founders they graciously backed out. But, sadly, the many requests for Tom Butler, Bishop Of Southwark, to do likewise fell on deaf ears. His prime concern was, obviously, to support the ‘worshipful’ association of butchers in their inhumane gimmick!

Well, I sense we all have our shortcomings, (and none more so than myself!). One only hopes that he will think differently in two years time when a repeat stunt is planned. Indeed, Holy Scripture makes a vast contrast between faithful shepherds who cared a tremendous deal for their flock – who reared them for wool - and false shepherds destined for God’s wrath – who bred them for slaughter. See, e.g. Ezekiel 34 & Zechariah 11 (Both passages, though written for an allegorical purpose, reveal the literal distinction that existed between good and false shepherds): I would also refer you to my delightful friend across the waters: Reverend Regina Hyland! In academic depth and simple clarity – the marks of a worthy theologian – she has contrasted those who bred sheep for wool with those who bred them for ritual slaughter and the carnivorous palate. For those happy to look up biblical passages of relevance to this subject here are but a few: Hosea 8:12-13; Micah 6:6-8; Isaiah 1: 11-17; Psalm 40:6-8; & Micah 6:6-8. Yes, and there are others too which highlight the contrasts that then existed between true shepherds and false ones. Yes, and between true worship of the heart and false worship entailing ritual slaughter of poor, helpless beasts!

Rev Regina’s book GOD’S COVENANT WITH ANIMALS deserves a place in each public library! Would you ask your librarian to stock both it (ISBN 1-930051-15-8), and also my own latest book: YOUNG SPIRITUAL TRAMP (ISBN 0-9523022-3-3)? I’ll be most grateful

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