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From the Christmas 2006 Issue

Two New Organisations Well Worth Viewing

The first organisation is Oxford Centre For Animal Ethics, the website being:  The new venture, somewhat reflects the astounding academic work initiated over the years by Reverend Andrew Linzey; for here is a fellow I first heard of, way back in the 1970s through the help of a delightful lady called Kathryn Reynolds: a militant animal activist with a father who was vice principal of an Oxford college. Sadly, it was several decades later before I was to meet the aspiring young academic that Kathryn so much admired, and it was the occasion of lovely Vicki Moore’s memorial service in Liverpool’s vast Anglican cathedral. Andrew Linzey conducted a most moving service and it was after this that we spoke to each other before my M.E. flared up and one had to sadly make the journey homewards. Yes, a brief encounter indeed, but during it Andrew had quite remarkably picked me out and said to an enquirer: ‘If you want to know anything about the animal cause this is the fellow to see’; and then he graciously pointed to myself. Yes, the spirit of true Christian humility expressed by one whose academic efforts for the animal cause undoubtedly dwarf my own.

Well, the years pass by quite uncannily; swifter than we want them to. I do what I can in my own small way – as do most of us! – but, meanwhile, behind the scenes there are folk such as Andrew who surfaces to reveal a great achievement: a foundation expressed through a website which graces our animal cause with vast academic support. Yes, and at a time when, quite regrettably, well intentioned activists worn down by frustration have unintentionally, possibly, done more harm for the cause of animal rights than they have done good. But then, it’s easy for me to be judgmental here, for though I cringe at the tactless and uncouth methods used by some of them, I have not been imprisoned or brought before a court for our Cause as they have! I sense I have ‘rocked the boat’ many times but only the ecclesiastical one, and not without cost.

The latter certainly revealed its self when a well-intentioned lady established a foundation called ‘Christians Opposed To Vivisection’. And, through the use of my name as its first patron, she became no less influential than to acquire four more patrons: three bishops and one archbishop! But sadly for the new organisation she insisted that I compile and send out in my own words why vivisection could not be equated with Christian ethics. Well, this I most certainly did, using the analogy of the Jewish holocaust and the Nazi’s medical experimentation blocks. Well, all went well until a reporter of The Scotsman pitted me against the equivalence of the Jewish Sanhedrin for Britain. Influential Jews were then ‘up in arms’ that I should dare to compare the horrific treatment their fathers had endured in such death camps as in any way reflective of animal experimentation by respected vivisectionists. Consequently, each bishop, who was a fellow patron along with myself, was approached over the phone and, one by one, they disassociated themselves from me and three withdrew their patronage; the archbishop of Wales alone retaining his.

Indeed, it reminded me of how Our Lord must have felt when, one by one, His disciples forsook Him after distorted accusations against Him were brought forward. Yes, the good book says: ‘put not your trust in princes’ and I’ve been around long enough to know that it’s equally applicable to princes of the church! At such times it’s a real comfort to acquire comfort from many a hymn. Indeed, at the moment I think of the following: ‘Men heed thee, love thee, praise thee Not! The Master praises – what is man?

The second new website I learn of is ‘Voice For Ethical Research At Oxford’. Its’ address is VERO, PO Box 692, Oxford OX1 9DR. and it concerns Oxford students of the past as well as the present; and I dare say I’m eligible to join them! However, though remarkable ladies such as Ann Widdecombe are amongst their group, the support of a Peter Thatchell – unknown to me as an ex Oxford student! – does not enamour me personally to their law abiding cause. But, perhaps again, I am too judgmental here and stand open to be corrected? Indeed, we who stick our necks above the parapet risk having them knocked, but the alternative is to succumb to this present government’s political correctness; the ultimate aim of which appears to me to be one of increasingly eroding freedom of expression so that – regardless of all the money spent on education – we become as puppets within a dictatorial state that will ultimately evolve in to a European ‘super’ state of incredible horror. And, of course, I am not alone here. My good friend Dr Vernon Coleman – whose books should be in every home – thinks similarly. So does a Philip Day; and so does The British Freedom party. We’re not ALL ‘nutters’ and countless other citizens need to awaken to the grave plight of Britain before it is too late.

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