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From Spring 2007 Issue

Are We Either Positive Or Negative?

What one focuses on in this life is what becomes bigger and clearer for ones self. Do not write or phone me to convey bad news – or for that matter write it to any one else. We in the animal cause need to be transmitting out to the world good vibes and not bad ones. Tell me about your successes and your breakthroughs for the animal cause, but do not burden or depress us with more horror stories. By our very nature, we in this great cause are more sensitive than others to the suffering and sadistic practices meted out to our brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom; and there is a limit to what we can all face before we fall victims to M.E; Burn Out; and similar mind draining and body sapping diseases. A verse in the Bible reads: ‘The trees of the Lord are full of sap’ Yes, not brittle, unyielding and dried up dead ones, but full of inward life that is evergreen and, consequently, outwardly bright and colourful. I’m sure that’s what God wants all of us to be. Then Lord save us from ever becoming dead kindling that’s only fit for the fire!

We are all largely reflections of what we focus on most and, consequently, can one wonder that Ken Dodd – a sympathiser with my humble efforts for the animals – is so exceedingly bright and active in his eightieth year? He is constantly focused on bringing happiness in to the lives of others and the result is that he is brimming with energy and joy. What one gives out comes back. Light attracts light. It’s the law of attraction. Consequently, Doreen and I look out for this greatest of all comedians coming to our area, and when we return from his lengthy show then we are completely rejuvenated and – strange as you might think - spiritually blest as well. Amongst the joy and elation he creates I find, in a sense, that Jesus has joined us too. At times I really feel His presence in such a midst and one could all most weep for joy.

Sadly, I feel that – on the contrary - a large percentage of those within our great cause are most unhealthy adverts of the liberated life we envisage for our animal friends. Indeed, I, myself, am no exception here and – having in the past, striven to transform much of Christendom single-handed – have paid the price quite dearly. One of the saddest occasions was having to turn back from conducting a whole week’s spiritual retreat on animal welfare due to increasing exhaustion, before reaching ones venue. And another occasion was forcing myself when experiencing flu like symptoms, to go and conduct a pet funeral in the south. I not only succeeded in doing this but I afterwards ended up in Basingstoke hospital where the prognosis was one of pneumonia!

Perhaps on a much lighter vein I had a few years previous published my book: ‘How To Bounce Through Life - With Vim, vigour and Vitality’. Indeed, it received – and still does! – much commendation; but the fact is: I needed to practice what I was preaching to others! The day after I’d sold signed copies of it to an assembled gathering of the National association Of Clergy Hypnotherapists at St Louis, Missouri, I had to sit down to give my prearranged lecture to the assembly. Yes, I’d been hit with an appalling form of jet lag which persisted for the conference’s duration. ‘Did I feel embarrassed?’ ‘You bet I did!’ Perhaps the Man upstairs was saying I’ll teach Thompson down there to be a little more humble in future. Perhaps not!

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