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From Summer 2007 Issue

Christendom’s Warped Standards Of Morality

I can assure you that the rank and file of animal activists are – as I’ve stated many times on TV – the very salt of this earth. They include members of all strata’s of society who are united as brothers and sisters of one noble cause: that of animal protection and care. Indeed, the more vulnerable a form of life is then the more deserving it is of our human protection. And this is fully compatible with Christianity’s supreme analogy: ‘the good shepherd prepared to lay down his life for wayward sheep’. What a pity that clergy from the Pope down didn’t realise this! If Benedict had spent as much time preaching such a theme as he has that of denouncing birth control in poverty stricken lands such as Brazil, it would have put him in a far better light. Yet he is surely no more off beam than two local Baptists of the ‘born again’ variety who were generously prepared to buy a whole host of battery chickens to make a supper for a visiting choir. ‘Animals are put on this earth for us to eat’, they rationalized ‘and as they have no soul then it surely matters little as to how they are intensively bred or reared!’

Yes, and both such popes and born agains feel they are more spiritually advanced than all else. Well, how deluded can these folk become? I sense that Jesus of Nazareth wouldn’t last long in their midst today. No more than possibly two and a half years, as He did amongst the scribes and the Pharisees who brought about His crucifixion: ‘Father forgive them because they know not what they do!’ he said of the Roman soldiers But both the Pope and so many of the ‘born again’ know what they are doing. Hence they may well be – as were their first century counterparts - without excuse. Meanwhile, the rank and file of a more middle of the way clerical type simply ‘go through the motions’ as did priests of the past. And they’re no less averse in hounding the prophets than were their forbears ‘Don’t rock the boat; don’t be a conscience rouser; just be nice. Always avoid controversy’ and – in return – you’ll be liked by all’. Ah yes! Such is the way they reason. But I ask: what did the Master say? (See Luke 6:26)

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