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From Summer 2007 Issue

Judge not, for judgment is mine saith The Lord

This photo is one of protesting legitimately outside a firm dealing with the live export of animals. Itís easy to be judgmental towards those responsible, and to lower ones self into uncouth behaviour and foul language. But, as it was on this past occasion, Judi and I prayed and led others in singing a couple of hymns relating to our human responsibility to care and protect weaker life than our own. Yes, and God abundantly blest that effort, as He has done, very many more. Itís so easy to spew out venom towards those who abuse weak and more vulnerable life than their own. So much appears so unjust and, totally unfair in this life; and if it were the only one then such would undoubtedly be the case. But such cannot be the case. Our own imperfect and tainted sense of fair play reminds us that death is no more than a breaking out from the womb, a casting off of oneís chrysalis, ir a hatching out from a dark and exceedingly cramped shell. Indeed, such experiences are sometimes quite painful, but what follows is dependent upon what one has sown here and now. There is a Heaven to gain as well as a Hell to shun, and what form these take we are not clearly told about except that the bliss of one and the agony of the other is very real indeed Ė yet all most just deserts to reap what one has sown!

And Ė to make out that a just God would never allow any form of life to suffer in agony Ė is to evade reality all around us. Is not, indeed, the existence of so much animal life a constant hell? And I not only think of the most innocent cows horribly exploited by us, but I think of those vile, subhuman forms of reptiles, insects and beetles who loath and prey on each other almost every hour of their existence. I truly cannot help but ask myself: what kind of life did they live to deserves their present existence in Hell itself? Yet this does not give me to, even, ignore their plight if I can make their existence a little bit better. Their present judgment may well be from God, but I must show them the Christian gospel in action by deeds speaking louder than words. In brief: the sadistic animal abusers Ė and to a lesser extent those who in varying degrees support them Ė are to have their future destinies decided by a God of supreme justice; but I must also reflect His supreme love as well. The ultimate objective of which is to ultimately reconcile all forms of life for acceptance in to a far greater paradise than was ever lost. (see e.g Collosians 1:20)

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