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From Summer 2007 Issue

Vain Culture, Perverse Police, But A Free Press!

Early this year I was interviewed by Gloria Hunniford who made it clear that, for herself, using animals so as to further research on human cancers was justifiable; and, she went on to give full support for a marathon held for such a purpose. She conveyed in the programme the impression that animal activists were all of a violent type to be equated with that of a grave dug up by an extremist faction. Yes, her view expressed was akin to those who give credence to ‘respectable’ scientific bases such as Porton Down, support for the ‘hoorah for henry!’ mentality of blood sports enthusiasts, and undoubtedly awe and obeisance to that profound elite who - with culture and decorum - torture animals in Oxford. As for any who might question the latter - or suggest a liaison with the police! - such ‘arrogance’ may savour of ‘forgetting one’s station in academia’. Well, this did not affect a response from the prestigious Oxford Mail! On the 31st of May its most bold headlines on the front-page read: as follows:


Yes, thank God! A lady Judge cleared the animal activists who had been militantly – yet legally – protesting against Vivisection at the University; and she slated the police for their Draconian methods, which had included them referring to the animal activists as no less than ‘shit’ and ‘cunts’. Such vile four letter words had been picked up on tape recordings and used as undeniable evidence. Indeed, that such language should have been used was admitted by the deputy chief constable as ‘very regrettable and most unprofessional’.. Yes, I would add: and more so when more women protestors were the target than men, and when the eldest activist was a lady in her seventies! When – O when? – will the public realise that the vast majority of animal activists are educated, refined and extremely caring folk? Sadly, however, one or two uncouth yobs affiliate themselves to our noble cause and it is to the antics of these that both the media as well as our opposition give, far too often, the publicity and prominence.

It is an honour and a privilege to know several Quakers who are active in the animal cause, and once again non more so than octogenarian Joan Court. Yes, a cultured Cambridge graduate who last week had a slop bucket literally emptied over her head while protesting against Pate fio de gras outside a Cambridge restaurant serving the same. Yet she intends returning to the same spot to make yet further silent vigils outside of it. She was once a personal supporter of Ghandi himself, and certainly hasn’t lost that militance. Below, we have a photo from the Oxford Mail, and what they had to say about her vigil and fast on the 27th of April:

FASTING FOR FELIX An 88 year old woman is fasting for two days within a cage in Oxford’s Cornmarket street to campaign against animal testing. Joan Court is only drinking water until tomorrow on her fast for Felix protest in front of St Michael’s Church. Her protest, which started yesterday, is to mark a ‘World Week For Animals’ Incarcerated In Laboratories. Miss Joan Court said: “I am trying to raise awareness among the people of Oxford at what is happening. It is ethically and morally wrong. You should never harm any sentient being.” The fast is named after Felix, a macaque monkey to be used by one of the colleges for research into Parkinson’s disease.

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