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From Autumn 2008 Issue

Catholic Slaughtered Catholic While Pius Remained Pious

How many of us ever sit down and think of what the animals must have gone through during wars created by man? Indeed, the very sounds of a firework going off, or the sound of thunder, are things that terrify animals. Yet the vast majority of humans couldn’t care a toss. Fireworks are still on sale for the 5th of November; and on the 9th of November – Armistice Sunday – the poor animals that were petrified, maimed or murdered during man made wars will not even be mentioned. Such is the selfishness and depravity of human nature.

Wars are not the answer. ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ is Not the message of Jesus. If it were, then we’d end up with blind and toothless folk all around us! Yet in times of war, the masses have largely become incoherent puppets in the grip of vain and shallow politicians. Yes, and religiously speaking, if Pope Pius the 12th had made it clear that Catholic must never ever kill Catholic ‘on pain of mortal sin or excommunication’, then the last World War could hardly have commenced. Other Denominations would, no doubt have followed along a similar track! But ‘what happened instead?’ Padres from both sides backed the vain and shallow politicians, becoming little less that stooges and, as a consequence, moved baptized Christians in one country to murder baptized Christians in another. Is it any wonder, that to the tune Onward Christian Soldiers, the UK forces of both world wars began to sing:

When this lousy war is over: Oh how happy we will be

No more church parades on Sunday; no more booking in for me? …..

The fact is that the churches have not only failed miserably to remember the horror that wars cause for animals, but what they actually cause for fellow humans of the same Christian tradition. I ask: could anything be as far removed from each other as traditional ‘churchianity’ expressed through the past two world wars and that of the message Jesus came to teach and die for? Did He not say:’ Love your enemies and pray for those who would spitefully use you’ ‘Overcome evil by doing good!’ ‘If your enemy is hungry, then feed him’. ‘Leave all vengeance in my hands, for I will most justly repay, says The Lord’.

I sense the following verse of Alfred Lord Tennyson aptly sums it up:

But churchmen fain would kill their church,

As the churches killed their Christ!

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