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From Autumn 2008 Issue

From The Founder Of Peta:

Ingrid Newkirk asked me to highlight her latest book: MAKING KIND CHOICES. Indeed, this publication lives up to its name and is full of hidden gems. Truly a book one can dip into in order to advance oneís efforts for Godís animal kingdom; and as the chapters are short and full of interest, one is tempted to read the next, rather than wait until bedtime. Mind you, it can be quite an eye opener as regards how far one is prepared to go in order to alleviate the suffering of our animal brothers and sisters. For but one example: how many of us with a clear conscience have, so far, spread honey on our bread? Youíll not want to after youíve read one most illuminating chapter. And as for a chapter to really tug the heartstrings; itís one concerning a couple viewing a waif of a dog in Greece, before their return journey homewards. One partner reasons in the terms of seeming unavoidable practicality; while the other partner is so touched by the situation that love for a defenceless stray, conquers all; and seeming impossibilities are overcome.

Youíll be blest and, God willing, moved to action, having read this most readable and helpful publication of 472 pages. It also makes an ideal Ďdip iní and resource book, with index appended. Copies are available from PETA headquarters here in the U.K.

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