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From Autumn 2008 Issue

The churches Unforgivable Omission!

Doreen and I have just returned from a Harvest Festival service. Prayers were offered and hymns were sung for everything imaginable in everyday life. But there was one glaring omission: not one word relating to God’s precious animal kingdom with whom we share our planet! I ask, “How utterly empty and thoughtless have the compilers of our liturgies and writers of our hymns become? How much lower could they sink? I’m typing this article on the Feast of St. Francis, yet those responsible for today’s worship – though undoubtedly keen to stress the evangelical message – would have been nonplussed if I’d mentioned their glaring omission. Indeed, it would appear as if the leaders of our churches and chapels have conspired together to block any thought of animal concern from entering their fellowships.

Professor Andrew Linzey does his best to get the theology of the animals across to the theological colleges and Divinity Halls. His writings are profound, but the situation appears unaltered. Bishops, priests, moderators and ministers appear oblivious to the fact that so many of their flock possess pets of their own and would dearly warm to prayers, hymns and sermons touching upon the animal world. Yet the position remains unchanged: in stark contrast with the Ark of Noah’s day, the professing Ark of Salvation today – the church – boots them out as unworthy of any small mention whatever. Well – now that the past Vicar of Brighton is not only a prelate but also president of ASWA, he may be able to get fellow prelates to think a little along the lines of St. Francis or – more relevant still - Jesus who identified Himself with ‘crook bearers’ who risked life to rescue creatures of another species.

The late Archbishop of Wales had strongly supported me over animal cruelty issues; but when I used the analogy of vivisection labs as reminiscent of past Nazi experimental blocks – and it was, subsequently, highlighted in ‘The Scotsman’ newspaper as offensive to the British Sanhedrin of Judaism! – he then disassociated himself from the short lived ‘Christians Against Vivisection’ group of which I was a fellow patron as well as called to be its press correspondent.

As for a former Bishop of Salisbury, not only did he side with the Sanhedrin, but to highlight his opposition to my analogy, withdrew both membership as well as patronage. Well, with creeps claiming to be comrades in our cause, it makes it comparatively easy to pray for ones enemies. Enough said!

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