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From Winter 2008 Issue

Satanic Evil Versus Mere Spooks In The Night

Like the only people that Jesus ever denounced – the religious leaders! – their twenty first century inheritors fall in to the same appalling errors. They focus and enlarge on tiny misdemeanours: enlarging them to gigantic proportions. Yes, while they shrivel appalling evils as if they are hardly worthy of a mention. The actual words of Jesus were these: “Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites. You pick out midges while you swallow camels whole. Who can save you from the wrath to come? Who can save you from the fires of hell? You blind leaders of the blind!”
Well, I look around today and I find that religious history has repeated itself. To read – for example - that a house is haunted and needs exorcising from evil, is quite amusing. Evil is considered, more often than not, to be furniture moving of itself; a tap tapping on a door when one is asleep – I experienced it a few nights ago! – Or a monk like figure appears in white and says: ‘I am the ghost of Marley’!  In fact a more sinister type of evil was when, as a young man, I had to lock up a picture palace, previously an old music hall. It entailed finding ones way through darkened passages, past stage drapings and Victorian dressing rooms. Yes, until I reached a back entrance that brought me out in to the peacefulness of the night air. Indeed, to undergo such a late night ordeal with no more than a solitary torch, following the ‘switching off’ of the picture theatre’s master switch, was weird and sinister indeed.  But having said that; such a hall of entertainment never needed exorcism half as much as do the masses of refined looking and well dressed folk who wash their hands scrupulously before partaking of the dead carcase of a lobster they know to have been boiled alive, or a goose that has been force fed until its liver has been horribly bloated and distended so as to present to the affluent ‘human’ a so called delicacy.
Do not think for one moment that I am underestimating malevolent powers that need exorcising. I knew what it was once, to have been temporarily possessed for a few hours. I pleaded the sacrifice of Christ and was delivered after a vile and horrid spirit seemed to come up my throat and was expulsed as I wrestled in prayer. Indeed, on another occasion, being bitterly disillusioned with life, I approached a dark and dismal flooded colliery when – before long – an inward shove towards its edge became stronger. In desperation one began to realise that malevolent forces were not only luring me on but also starting to take over. Thankfully, with prayers to Jesus I gained their mastery.  Consequently, I do not minimise the powers of old Lucifer and his malevolent agents. But one thing I do realise more than ever is that far more fiendish manifestations of evil are disguised indeed. Satan transforms himself as an angel of light, says the New Testament, and – for myself – I see it all around
The use of four lettered language and blasphemies has recently been highlighted in connection with a Jonathan Ross show on TV! Men, of course, have always used such words in the factory as well as in the taprooms of pubs. These, mostly, old English expressions – and many of them are in the King James Bible! – are thought to be disgusting, unacceptable and in very bad taste. Yes, but in my mind, not nearly as in bad a taste as many non-verbal expressions, such as that of masticating factory bred fowl which is a foul deed indeed; yet will be horribly expressed on Christ’s birthday!.
And once again, the biggest culprits being the architects of such topsy-turvy morality, are – as during Christ’s earthly ministry – today’s religious hierarchy. What an absolute shower they mostly appear to be. I know not of even a single bishop to be a Vegetarian. Most of them, without a qualm of conscience, will sit down to and openly condone factory farmed carnivorous ‘food’.  Some will even take texts out of context to affirm that Jesus promoted the fattening of animals for food. “Christ himself, told the story of a man who went and killed a fatted calf!” affirmed one;  while another inferred that because animals are unable to read a Bible – especially John 3:16! - then they cannot be ‘born again’ and are, therefore, barred from Heaven. Well, with such blinkered, distorted and utterly childish theology, can one wonder that so many churches are in the mess in which we find them today?  They are at an all time low!

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