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From Winter 2008 Issue

Afraid To Wear Their Collars Or Fly Their Colours

Yet the masses are still looking for moral guidance and assurance. Indeed, people on the whole, are looking to the churches to give a moral lead in a depraved secular state.  And how are the churches responding? They are offering stones instead of bread, as did the scribes ands pharisees of Jesus earthly life.. Most clergy have little more to offer society than – at best – assurance of a niche in the hereafter - provided the enquirers reciprocate by financial and bodily backing for the respective church offering its own brand of ‘pie in the sky when you die’!
Yes, indeed, I find that to hold Doreen’s hand and enter a respectable pub, or mix with others of the ‘common touch’, offering them an occasional joke, can really ‘make their day’. Indeed, just to smile at other folk on passing – provided I’m donned in a ‘dog collar’ - lifts their spirits. But then, Doreen and I are quite different to the ‘run of the mill’ church breed. In an age when the only folk keen to exhibit their faith via attire are the Muslims and Sikhs, Doreen and I are pleased to mix with the masses and to, unashamedly, show to the populace who we are and what we joyfully stand for..
Very regrettably, the old type of clerics whose lives were so often devoted to their flocks - and just about went to bed in their collars! - has been superseded by a variety of part-time clerics who’ve done a minimum of training via correspondence and occasional summer schools. Yes, a poor substitute, indeed, for a lengthy disciplined course of training, via residence in a theological college attached to a reputable university.  How the queen of the academic professions has so rapidly fallen from its perch!  But then, who’s going to do five to seven years in a seminary today if the end award is little more than being ‘a puppet on the string’ for manipulation by some ‘jumped up’ board of parochial church council members; many of whom are proprietors of intensive factory farms, and whose other interests may well be blood sports.   In all humility, I write this from past personal experience in such matters!

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