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From Autumn 2009 Issue

The Awful Sin Of Selective Compassion

Photo By Doreen Thompson

Supporting ‘Wales Against Animal cruelty’ In Betws-y-Coed

Selective compassion is not enough. So many who indulge in barbaric blood ‘sports’ - as well as those who proudly further vivisection! - are to be found deeply grieved when a pet horse or hound dies. They appear to see such creatures as an extension of their own family! Indeed, you only have to visit several stately homes before finding in some corner a miniature pet cemetery. Indeed, such a sacred corner stood within the private estate in which I was privileged to live as a youngster.

What is more, the late Lady Marchbanks of Coldstream also held a special building for wild cats of whom she was deeply fond; though my mother, when a young child, was terrified of them! Such feline fondness by ‘M’Lady’ did not, however, prevent her and her titled husband from enthusiastically indulging in blood ‘sports’; and, as a youngster I well remember having to stay indoors when the hunt was taking place, lest one be trampled under foot. Meanwhile, my half cousin – three years older than myself - was treated differently. She’d been initiated in to the whole macabre affair by having the blood of a foxes heart spurted all over her face. A practice my stern yet loving Granddad – a retired Quarter Master Sergeant – ‘blew his top’ over. ‘It could turn a young child’s mind!’; he affirmed. But at the time, as a mere 8 year old, I wondered what on earth he meant.

Of one thing I feel sure: those who have attended the animals war memorial service these last two Remembrance Sunday mornings are far removed from the type that go out with their horses and hounds to pursue either deer or foxes; and, equally, they have not been the dishevelled type who wear balaclavas while rudely yelling abuse at officers of the constabulary. They came across as refined, dignified and cultured folk who sought no prominence for themselves but rather a genuine desire to join in Christian worship for our departed animal brethren: the innocent victims of man made brutal wars. Yes, in the words of centenarian Harry Patch - uttered shortly before his death - ‘wars (that) solve nothing!’

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