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From Spring 2009 Issue

The Absurdity Of ‘Equality For Minority Groups’

Ah yes, we’ve heard it all before: equality of rights! This came up when I mentioned the absurdity as well as downright cruelty of allowing Halal slaughter to be introduced in to a Caernarfon slaughterhouse. “You are entitled to your views” implied a council worker from the valleys, involved in animal welfare, “but as a minority group they have to be entitled to theirs. It’s all part of equal rights and opportunities for minority groups ‘you see!” Such was the reasoning of this young lass not long out of university who was trying to enlighten me while words came out of her mouth ‘ten to the dozen’. Well, when I mentioned to her that such reasoning was not always compatible or workable in a democracy - where the majority preference should carry – she asked to be excused and scuttled away. Indeed, she was quite a sweet young soul; but sadly a pea out of the pod of a system where ‘education acknowledged’ and promotion promised requires towing the line where there exists a minimum of freedom for individual thought. Flexibility is only tolerated within subtly enforced political perimeters.

Supporting Judi Hewitt & other Loyal Activists who oppose Halal Slaughter starting in Wales
(Photo By Doreen)

The nominal Christian majority of Wales: a land frequently referred to as ‘God’s own country’, may be fully against the ritual slaughter of farm animals! Yes, but according to legislation, Muslims and Jews can mistreat an animal in ways in which the nominal Christian majority would be imprisoned, or heavily fined, for so doing! Well, what an utter shambles so much legislation ‘brought through the back door’ has got this past ‘country of the free’ into! Wise folk think things through from all aspects before they formulate matters of irreversible consequence; but today we have parasitical simpletons in Parliament – and some on the Welsh Assembly - who become little more than stooges for more sinister vampires of the taxpayer who are ‘living it up’ in Brussels. Yes, and not forgetting those members of the Welsh Assembly who are little more than crawlers for cruel farmers! I ask: what do helpless, herbivorous farm animals mean to such folk, apart from money? If it becomes financially better to keep cows ‘battery style’ with zero grazing, then why not go ahead and do it? If British sheep can be found a market through slitting their throats: halal or Kosher style, then why the delay in doing it? And, of course, these trends of reasoning pursued, do not end there. They overflow and harm helpless as well as more vulnerable humanity:

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