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From Summer 2009 Issue

Jesus called such types: ‘Blind leaders of the blind’ (Matthew 23)

As a youngster in my teens – it’s going back as I’ll be 80 next! - I once asked my Mum: “why is it that so few go to church today?” She wondered what the real cause was, and before giving an answer my Granddad – an ex quarter master sergeant of the Great War spoke up: “It’s because the leading clergy were obedient puppy dogs for politicians Jim! They sold their souls, as Esau did in the Bible, for a mess of pottage. The Pope could have intervened and stopped Catholic from slaughtering Catholic. He had absolute power over his flock on both sides but chose to do absolutely nothing. As for the Archbishop Of Canterbury – the head of the Church Of England - he chose, conveniently, to keep his nose out of where it was not wanted”.

Yes, the gist of the above is largely how I remember my Granddad’s far off remarks; and having lived, subsequently myself through World War 2, I’ve witnessed the same kind of utter hypocrisy repeated. In fact Pope Pius the 12th had – during previous years as a cardinal – signed a concordat with the up and coming Nazi leaders to support them, provided favourable concessions were made to his own church. Few seem to appreciate the fact that not only were most of the top Nazis baptized Catholics, but after the war many who survived were able to escape trial due to church intervention in which several monasteries were involved. Indeed, if ever a major church has blood and guilt on its hands, could it be that based on the city of seven hills with whom the rulers of countries have politically fornicated down the centuries? Such was the view of Reformers from Luther to Wesley! How do you view such an extremely figurative Revelation given to St John? ( e.g: chapters 17 & 18! ).

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