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From Summer 2009 Issue

Animal Activists, do not consider yourselves immune!

Well, having had a real go at the faults and failings of Christendom, let us not become too smug as animal activists and welfarists! In many ways we are no better. In fact, the way potential leaders in our ranks vie for prominence and also pull each other to bits behind the scenes, is every bit as damaging to our highest aims and objectives as is the unholy rivalry that raises its ugly head in some major churches.

The way that folk within the whole animal movement frequently lash out their tongues towards those unable to answer back can be truly disgusting. Indeed, it does far more harm within any war to get regiments squabbling within the ranks than to be attacked by the enemy from outside. One can be forgiven for questioning the real motives of so many who tag on and seek to control factors that others have taken the initiative to commence! Consequently, Iím forced to ask myself: are the needs of exploited animals the prime concern of such? Or is it the desire for an ego trip fuelled by the drive for self-prominence and aggrandisement? The New Testament affirms that: ďThe heart of humans is deceitfully wicked and cunning above all thingsĒ.- and donít we all know it?.

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