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From Summer 2009 Issue

‘At The Animals War Memorial’,
Brookes Gate, off Park Lane, London. Remembrance Sunday (8th of November) at 10.30am ‘We Will Remember them!’

Although two pressure groups, who have never taken the initiative to hold a service here themselves – now wish to alter my proceedings: one to the day before, while the other seeks to alter it to the afternoon of the same day! – I wish to make it clear that the kind of Service initiated by myself in conjunction with dear Cynthia O Neil – last year, will – by the grace of Almighty God – be repeated again this coming Armistice Sunday; to commence promptly at 10.30am

Yes, hopefully, this will again be a concise but most moving Service on a favourable day when personalities will be played down; banners will be shunned; attire and dress will be dignified; and all representatives of various animal groups, who choose to come, will be most welcome. All will have the opportunity to come forward and lay down wreaths or bunches of flowers representing themselves or their specific group.

This is to complement and coincide, at the same sacred hour, with their human counterparts remembered at all other cenotaphs throughout Britain, and where – up to now – animals are given no mention at all. The officiant will be a priest of the Nation’s ‘Established Church’. Those of other faiths, and of none, are most welcome.

N.B: For any requiring lovely purple wreaths, they are available from ‘Animal Aid’ at a most reasonable price. Contact: ‘Animal Aid’, The Old Chapel, Bradford St, Tonbridge. Kent TN9 1AW Tel: 01732- 364546.

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