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From Spring 2010 Issue

They’re Talking Out Of Their Hat!

What an extremely sick Britain we live in! Younger folk say, without a scrap of experience:’ it’s always been that way!’. Well, they are talking out of their hat! During the war years, which Doreen and I lived through, children could go for walks unaccompanied by adults and enjoy picnics in the woods. Even in the ‘black out’ periods when all lights had to be extinguished for fear of enemy aircraft perceiving land on which to drop bombs, women as well as children would be found alone walking the streets. Such things as rape and child molestation were so infrequent that when such evils did occur, the whole community was shocked by the revelation; and the horror of what had occurred became the top gossip that lasted for years.

It was an age in which the district policeman: ‘the Bobby’ – was walking round his regular patch: a man who was viewed by all as your best friend if you were straight. But should you be ‘bent’ in any way then woe betide you. More than once I received a clip over the ear from him because he considered me to be loitering in a shop doorway. Actually, I was merely watching the female forms as they passed by, but the local bobby didn’t approve and my mate and I were abruptly sent on our way and told to keep moving.

In those days, having joined the scouts for quite a brief period I was proud to carry my many sided pen knife around; and with my Kodak ‘Brownie’ box camera I would delight in snapping cute and lovable children as well as animals; not to mention birds both human as well as animal!. But today, even as an 80 year old; should I be found with a pen knife in my possession – or even in the glove compartment of our car – I might well be hurled before the courts. And indeed, if Doreen or I took photos of little children then we could be viewed as possible paedophiles! Yes, all this is due to a sordidly sick secular society wherein one can hardly come to the aid of a child, or give a smile, without being viewed as potentially a dangerous suspect.

Thanks to the pathetic ‘do gooders’ and Labour’s legacy of a dictatorial and twisted ‘nanny state’ one can hardly speak to a child without being looked upon in disdain by wary parents. Up to recently, the wearing of a clerical collar implied you could be welcomed and trusted any where, but due to the terrible track record of one branch of Christianity, the clerical collar – unless accompanied by dress other than black! – could well give off a valid signal for caution.

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