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From Spring 2010 Issue

Stalin Would Have Envied This!

Through new laws coming out monthly from the EU – New Labour having sold us out to them! – freedom to reason: i.e: to outwardly express, and to choose, are Rights being taken away from under our noses. And though much emphasis has been on acquiring degrees, these were increasingly, becoming of little more value than the parchment upon which they were printed. Graduates were becoming puppets under an authoritarian state that Stalin would have envied.

Yes, and side by side with stringent laws formulated under the pretence of equal rights for an assortment of minority groups – including the sexually twisted to the extent of being transvestite! – the morally straight; should they decide to use their home for B & B!; must never turn away questionable strangers from a vacant bedroom in which the latter may choose to fornicate and defecate sheets in the process, as ‘equality for minority’ laws could be broken!.

Yes, this is what New Labour did to our treasured Democracy; the gullible majority meanwhile being oblivious as they watched football, Coronation Street, ‘held up the bar counter’ or played

Bingo! Yes, I sense we’ve wandered a long way from when we sang ‘Land of our birth we look to thee’, ‘There’ll always be an England’ or ‘Land of hope and glory, mother of the free!’.

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