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From Summer 2010 Issue

Shunted To A Different Time? God Forbid!

For the last four or five years retired Queen’s Nurse and Midwife Cynthia O’Neill has held a solitary vigil at the Animals War Memorial adjacent to Hyde Park. Three years ago I agreed to join her so as to make it into a short service of remembrance. Well, it has evolved in to a most moving time of remembrance for the animals who were the innocent victims of man’s carnal warfare. Though not invited personally, others have turned up – including those from the theatrical as well as church associations. The atmosphere has been vibrant and the presence of Our Blessed Lord the Good Shepherd, has been truly felt. Yes, and so has the presence of previously abused animals: the involuntary conscripts of war. Like angels above us, their presence one has felt.

Well, when all cenotaphs throughout Britain remember the fallen of humanity, it is surely right and proper that their colleagues and many past mascots of the animal kingdom are remembered alongside of them. Both, at the same sacred hour? Some, critics, however, have again felt that this should not be the case. They have a right to think differently; but for myself – after much wrestling in prayer, and eventually the casting of a lot! - I know that there should still be an appropriate time for the animal victims of war and that, that time must include the two minutes silence of Remembrance Sunday. Together they suffered with their human brethren and together they need remembering. We owe them nothing less.

Indeed, one is delighted to learn that – thanks to the Society Of Friends (The Quakers) – at least three local cenotaph services last year gladly welcomed a Christian contingent representing the animal victims of war, and were more than happy to have folk amongst them going forward and laying a wreath for the animals, This complemented those being laid for their human counterparts. What is more, a short prayer for the animals would not have been considered – as some seem to apply! – amiss. Well, would indeed, that Whitehall thought along the same lines. I sincerely hope to God that some day they will!

There’ll be a Godly contingent of us assembled from 10.30 till 11.15 at the Animals War Memorial, Brook Gate, Park Lane; (nearest tube: marble arch); and You dear reader, will be most welcome to join us and – should you wish! – to present wreaths or flowers on behalf of yourself, your church or your association. The Good Shepherd will be present; anything from seven to seventy-seven humans; plus a host of angelic animals from the Church above! Yes, and at the least, one other cleric will be with us.

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