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From Winter 2010 Issue

Battery Cows Condoned By Heartless Politicians

Although the whole battery rearing of fowl and egg production was to be legally fazed out by this year: 2010 – a most worthy agreement enforced by New Labour seven years ago! – farmers have now made out that they haven’t had time to revert to free range alternatives. So guess what? New Labour – along with the dictatorial EU bureaucrats in Brussels – are now happy to let farmers off the hook! Consequently, inhumane intensive methods continue for an indefinite period of time; and with major political backing

Such evil, condoned, leads to yet further evils; and an example of this is the practice of battery cow production spreading here in Britain. In fact a colossal creation of such an animal hellhole is planned for Lincolnshire. However, ‘there is no need for animal welfarists to be disturbed’, we are told. ‘Have no worry, as at least one vet will be employed to see that humane standards are strictly adhered to!’. Well, ‘shake my other leg. it has bells on it!’ Who do they think they are kidding? A large percentage of veterinary surgeons are as prominent in betraying their responsibility for animal care - every bit as much as clerical representatives of the Good Shepherd are for selling their Lord for far less than any thirty pieces of silver! They are guiltier than Judas ever was!. There is no fear of God before such undesirables of both professions.

Due to ‘watered down’ New Testament teaching by liberal preachers: heaven is proclaimed as for all; while a hell of future punishment is reserved for none. Yes, and the effects of such one sided biblical exegesis is for all to see: a ‘do gooder’ mentality - with its priorities for villains before victims! Yes, where none can, logically, be presumed guilty – except for God Himself who made man akin to a puppet! Virtue and vice in humans then become meaningless terms.

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