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From Winter 2010 Issue

A True Gem Of A Book!

Indeed, should you know of any such characters – and Anglicanism is full of them also! – then I would suggest sending them a copy of John Gilheany’s unique and fabulous book: FAMILIAR STRA|NGERS. Indeed, all branches of Christianity would do well to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest the contents of the same. Within it are past leaders of British Christianity ranging from a John Henry Newman’s brother to a William Booth’s son. Yes reference is made to leading Roman Catholics, to leading Baptists, Methodists and Salvationists who were prominent in taking a stand against animal cruelty by embracing Vegetarianism. Yes, and this was within an era exceedingly far more difficult than our own! Sadly, however, those who have claimed to be loyal followers of such past stalwarts have lacked the very guts and stamina of their own particular founding father.

Yes, FAMILIAR STRANGERS is a profoundly written book, being the fruit of much ‘in depth’ research. The writer goes in to hitherto unchartered regions and the outcome for Christians who are vegetarian is quite marvellous. How many of today’s church folk know, for example, that both the founders of Methodism as well as the Salvation Army spiritually evolved to embrace vegetarianism? How many Baptists know today that the greatest of all their preachers and pastors not only evolved to abstain from meat, but opposed to the hilt vivisection as well? Without reading John Gilheany’s epic new book, most of us – as inferred by the former Bishop of Salisbury – would have been left in the dark.

This concise volume of 265 pages is written in a most easy and likeable style; its author being a humble, most dedicated, and self-effacing fellow whose contribution to our cause must be truly inestimable; yes, both for the future as well as the present! It is available from ASCENDANT PRESS, (to whom cheques should be made out) at P.O. BOX 291, CARDIFF. CF11 IED and is modestly priced at £12 per copy: which includes P & P

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