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From Winter 2010 Issue

Remembrance Service - by Doreen Thompson

Photo by Don Gwillim

After transport difficulties last year we decided to have a weekend break in the centre of London to include Remembrance Sunday. James and I travelled up on the Friday beforehand and stayed in a hotel to the north of Hyde Park.

On the Saturday we enjoyed wandering round the city area and saw part of the Lord Mayor’s Parade. We also came across John Wesley’s Church where we had a cup of tea and learned about his past activities in that area.

On Remembrance Sunday the 14th November 2010, we had a good breakfast and the weather was dry. We were then able to stroll across Hyde Park by the Bridle path coming out at the Animals’ War Memorial on Park Lane. As we approached we could see about sixty people assembled before the memorial and several more joined us during the service.

After greeting Cynthia O’Neill and welcoming all present my husband Rev. James Thompson began the service at 10.30a.m. This included a speech by Cynthia, a hymn, reading, another hymn and the lead-up to the two minutes silence.. Wreaths, flowers and posies were laid. The Rev.George who was assisting was introduced to the people and received a loud ovation. The service finished with another hymn, the doxology and the Blessing.

Afterwards people were able to meet friends and catch up on news. It is amazing how far some travelled. Meta from Switzerland, on a visit to London changed her flight to be there, and Sandra from Belfast visited her daughter in Kent that weekend to be there. Don came from Liphook. At this point it began to rain a little and this became a very heavy drizzle so many made their way home. Eight of us made our way to Starbucks for a Soya latte coffee to warm us up and catch up on news, after which we went our separate ways.

James and I caught the tube back to our hotel and dried out, then went for a meal. Next day was a sunny November day. We walked by the Serpentine, through Green Park and St. James’s Park where a Pelican had escaped from its enclosure and was stood on a form preening itself to many photographers. James talked to it, and it seemed to listen. Then the warden came and marched it off across the bridge. We were almost at Trafalgar Square so had some lunch in Weatherspoons and then on to Euston Station for the 5.10p.m. train feeling quite pleased the weekend had gone well.

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