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From Winter 2010 Issue

Bringing Christ Back In To Christmas

How wonderful to know that after the last political party had played Christmas down and members had switched Christmas with Winterfest, and similar secular alternatives, that Eric Pickles – now chairman of the Conservatives - has insisted that Christmas be returned to its true Christian message! Most thankfully, such diabolic terms as ‘political correctness’, ‘equality for minority groups’ and a ‘European Court For Human Rights’, are being seen for what they are: not least an infringement on human liberty and a sell out of our own British democracy! I’m glad that the Daily Express has spearheaded a campaign to get us out of the clutches of a growing, tyrannical and largely non-elected European ‘super state’. Of course, you don’t need to agree with me. What an exceedingly drab world it would be if we all thought alike!

However, to evolve back in to what was once said of us with an element of justification: that Britain is a kingdom of animal lovers and that an Englishman’s best friend is his dog, were factors to be justly proud of. Indeed, not only did we give to the world its railways and countless other industrial creations; of far more importance we also gave it pioneers against Negro as well as child slavery. And of more relevance to You and the rest of our valued readership: we gave the world its first society for the prevention of animal cruelty; its founder being an Anglican Vicar who became bankrupt; was left to rot in prison by his spiritual ‘superiors’; but was then later bailed out by a kindly Jew who paid the accumulated fine plus his debts. Well, the Anglican church doesn’t morally change. It’s as unconcerned – with few exceptions – towards the plight of animal activists who land in gaol today as it was then, when the Rev. Broome (the founder behind today’s RSPCA) was imprisoned all those many decades ago. Indeed, the following is but one example:

When Barry Horne’s life was rapidly failing – he’d been on a hunger strike so as to shock the Blair Government into honouring its pre election promise of an impartial enquiry into vivisection! - I contacted the, then, Archbishop of York. ‘Would he do something?’ Well, the reply I got bordered on the offensive and not just the defensive.. As a senior cleric I was advised to avoid such clashes which could bring the church in to disrepute. He would by no means intervene and inferred that I should do likewise. Within days poor Barry Horne passed to his Maker; and all that I’d accomplished for him was to highlight his plight through local media via a brief vigil.

As for the Archbishop of York at that time: Dr Hope, I considered him to be as ‘void of all hope’ as his predecessor Dr Habgood: a man whose doctorate was not at all involved in theology but - wait for it! - in Vivisection. Well I tell you this: such prelates are as far removed from Jesus Of Nazareth as the moon is from cheese!

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