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From Winter 2010 Issue

Are Top Royalty Really To Blame?

As for top royalty, they are not always the best of adverts. Hunting and shooting just for sport is utterly barbaric and anti Christian. Cajoling Kate Middleton’s parents in to it is horrible. However, we are all victims of past conditioning and programming from childhood days. None of us is immune from what is actually ‘forms of brain washing’.

For myself I owe it to a Godly and wonderful mother to have learned to respect all forms of life; and that the more vulnerable it was then the more it needed to be helped or protected. Very sadly, having said that, I possibly inherited via ones genes some undesirable traits. I put stones in to an old lady’s milk jug until a mature fellow caught me and gently explained the harm I was doing. ‘The penny dropped’ and I felt so ashamed that I never did it again. Indeed, I once pulled a wing off a fly, then overcome by the awful panic it was in, stamped on the poor creature immediately. Later, I thought little about wild life until a kindly teacher – a practising Quaker – took us out on nature walks and thereby converted me to a lover of the same!

Consequently, when I think of members of the Royal Family - and especially Prince Charles who in so many ways is so deeply sensitive – being sent off to Boarding School to ‘rough it’ and develop ‘stiff upper lips’, I realise that the buck must hardly rest with them. ‘Where Oh where?’ I ask were those members of the clergy in influential positions? I refer to those who were able to guide and groom future royalty along Christ like lines? Where were the private chaplains, father confessors and spiritual directors? Very sadly clergy who ‘soak up’ to curry favour with royalty, would – like Esau the hunter of old! – sell their very souls for ‘a mess of pottage’. Or in more up to date Scottish colloquialism: ‘sell their granny for a bag of chips!

For myself, the nearest I ever got to royalty was in being invited to be Rector of the combined parishes of ‘Aboyne, Ballater and Baemar’. But then the Bishop – knowing my leanings – later got cold feet and felt safer in appointing the other candidate instead. After all what bishop in his right mind would put an animal rights advocate in to such an influential post? As compensation he then offered me the post of senior Diocesan chaplain based at Aberdeen infirmary. Well, I was given the opportunity to visit the Queen Mother who’d swallowed a fish bone; and I also could have stumbled in to the path of Princess Margaret whom, I sense, ‘would not have been amused!

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