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From Spring 2011 Issue

Learning To ‘Live And Let Live!’

Ah, but now certain powers that be - having heard of me having handed over the order of this morning Act Of Remembrance to a clerical colleague - are now anxious to get him to cooperate in changing the service to the afternoon!

One letter published in the Catholic Animal Concern journal asks for this to transpire; while an article by a member of the Anglican Society For The Welfare Of Animals strongly recommends it. Consequently, I find that with such folk claiming to be one’s friends in the Cause one has comparatively little to fear from one’s enemies!

Though – mind you! – they have every right to their opinions. Indeed, I’d already been asked by two ASWA members to change the service before last years event, to the afternoon; in order that they could re-arrange with one’s blessing its format and – obviously – include me in it ‘It was hoped to be a joint affair’.

Yes, uncannily similar to another groups request the year before!. However, I somehow doubt whether dear Cynthia O’Neill – the original instigator of the Sunday morning act of remembrance – would have been included in either.

But then I could have been wrong! Changing the venture to an afternoon or another day might well have some advantages. It could make place for ‘tallyho’ types of horse lovers to attend in style, after having equally visited Whitehall in the morning!

What is more, as all possible fear of ever treading on another’s toes would be removed by moving the service to the afternoon, it could probably prove possible to even get no one less than a bishop to sanctify such a service by conferring an Episcopal blessing upon the assembled ‘jellyfish’.

Yes, the type who – lacking backbone as individuals - seek to bolster one another up via long drawn out committees, and their sub committees, in order to ultimately make a decision.

Yes, procedures that drain away all vital sparks of God endowed individual inspiration!

‘Well, I say: from such long, drawn out and boring procedures of compromise – where often those who know the least say the most - may the Good Lord deliver us!’.

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