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From Summer 2011 Issue

Blessing Dogs That Are A Blessing To Others!

The delightful photo above, snapped by animal lover Trefor Roberts outside Bethel Chapel in Holywell, surely speaks for itself. ‘The sun shines down on the righteous’ and these folk who are members of PETS AS THERAPY are to be commended for the voluntary work they undergo, not only in visiting those in much need of a listening ear but that they may also experience the therapeutic blessing which comes from these specially trained and precious pets of theirs. These dedicated leaders had come from quite a distance around and were a true tonic to meet. God will bless their labours!

Indeed, Doreen and I had felt deeply honoured when asked to conduct this special animal blessing service: she being my long blest organist and myself the officiant. What is more, we were also grateful to the ladies of the chapel who provided the refreshments afterwards. They are so often, unintentionally, forgotten as they work behind the scenes! Yes, but God knows; and that’s what really counts. Let me illustrate it with a ‘supposed’ true story:

An affluent village church had held a bazaar to make funds; and after the money had been collected from each individual stall, the convenor read out what amount of money each one had raised. Well, following each amount mentioned, loud claps followed. However, as is a human trait, the lower the amount then the less was the clapping. The one who received the least clapping from the assembled parishioners was an elderly widow from a very humble home. She’d made a few cakes that no one particularly fancied buying. Her contribution, being so meagre, resulted in a sole clap from the elderly Parish Minister. Overcome with empathy for the lady as well as no small disgust at the assembled garden fete, he shouted “Silence! I think I can hear the clapping of One with pierced hands!” ‘The penny dropped!’ and not a few felt quite ashamed as the message went home. Yes, let us never forget that: “Man may judge from the outward appearance, but God looks upon the heart”.

- Photo By Doreen.

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