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Winter 2011

Remembering Animal Victims Of War

Following the Service Of Remembrance at Greenfield Parish Church, parishioners gathered at the local war memorial when, amongst the wreaths presented, was a much smaller one to remember the animal victims of man’s war. This was presented by Doreen who – not to be intrusive – tactfully placed it at the bottom right of the larger wreaths for humans. It was a simple yet touching event including the 2 minutes silence, and was attended also by an assortment of local civic dignitaries.

On the much smaller red wreath – why shouldn’t the poppies be red? They didn’t shed purple blood! – Doreen had appended the words: ‘especially remembering those animals whose voice boxes were removed’. Yes, it was a reminder of what thousands of horses underwent in World war One, simply so that their agonising screams in the battlefield would not upset the morale of the average soldier!

What a blessing when returning to the memorial around a week later, to find that someone had moved this much smaller wreath, from the bottom, to the top! It appears obvious that any thought of the possibility of ‘treading on human toes’ by bringing in the plight of the animals; or the offer of a prayer for them; on this Remembrance Sunday’ is uncalled for. Indeed, why, I ask, has it taken so long to include battlefield animals within our annual Act Of Remembrance? The sheer timidity of some, so called Animal Welfarists - terrified of any vague possibility of ‘rocking the proverbial boat’ - appears to be nothing short of utter cowardice.

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