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Autumn 2012

The Animals War Memorial, Near Hyde Park, Sunday The 11th Of November

The years pass by so quickly. So do the months; and the 11th of November will soon be upon us. Yes, for the past seven years dedicated folk have gathered at the Animals own war memorial (close to Marble Arch Tube Station); and what began with Cynthia O’Neill’s solitary stand – until a lowly man and a dog joined her – had evolved in to a most impressive gathering. Hymns have been sung; wreaths and flowers blest; the national two minutes silence has been faithfully observed during it; and - weather permitting! - there has been much enjoyable fellowship to follow.

Indeed, ‘I’d ‘handed over the reins’ last year to a fellow priest, so that he would continue what I began; and so as ‘to include animals in the nation’s two minutes silence’.

It certainly was never my intention that such a witness should be fragmented or removed by an afternoon service in place of it!  However, one thing is sure: The Morning Service Will Go Ahead at 10.30am. 

If necessary, I’ll come down myself and do it. In Martin Luther’s words it will then be: ‘Here I stand! I can do no other! God help me! So please pass the word around, and do come along and join us!

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