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Autumn 2012

“See these Christians, how they love one another!”

Such was the commendation given to the early followers of Jesus during the first century AD. Well, what a contrast to both those within the churches who claim to speak up for Jesus, as well as others, often outside of it, who claim to be a mouthpiece for His larger flock: the animal kingdom! The contrast is truly amazing because today, not only do professing Christians frequently sleight each other, but so equally, do those in the animal activist and welfare movements of our nation!  In the article to follow I’ll touch upon both in turn: But first of all – after eighty two years of experience of human nature; plus much ‘in depth’ study of the New Testament scriptures – the photo below surely, contrastingly reveals a group of true disciples radiating love in their hearts. Yes, and as if to confirm it from above, notice how light happens to radiate from my plain and simple cross which is void of any central jewel!

animal cruelty
Supporting Judi Hewitt & Others Of ‘Wales Against Animal Cruelty

Yes, the true Jesus we read of in the four gospels was the ‘Son of God’ who went in to a vast Jewish temple and liberated the sheep, the oxen and the doves that were there to be used for ritual slaughter. Indeed, He overturned the tables of those who amassed a fortune from such cruelty, while at the same time He drove out the poor animals – liberating them in the process! Yes, and ultimately Jesus Of Nazareth paid the ultimate price for such righteous militance: through being crucified by the religious hypocrites; the epitomes of a distorted religion; one which magnified as evils minor points of practice, while they completely ‘swept under the carpet’ the major evils of their day.

In contrast to folk such as those on the photo above – some of whom no longer wish to be branded as Christian! - I’m often inclined to think that the most vocal ‘so called’ followers of Jesus within the churches today, no longer as much as love one another but frequently, at the most, merely tolerate each other; and this is nothing new!
For example: while Catholicism thrived then so did the Inquisition so as to silence those whose interpretations of the good book happened to be in conflict with that of Holy Mother church. And then, similarly - following the period of the so-called Enlightenment - the Established state church of these isles gladly hounded those whose interpretation of Scripture was not akin to the 39 Articles Of faith of the Church Of England. Indeed, Dissenters were horribly discriminated against, and only when these became predominant as ‘The Church of the Commonwealth’ period under Cromwell, was tolerance largely given towards others whose views of New Testament doctrine might not fully gel with what was then known as Congregationalism. Indeed, the two extremes of Romanism and Quakerism were then the only expressions of Christian faith outside of the general pail of tolerance.
Indeed, today – as well as during past recent centuries – things have moved little in the pursuit for further tolerance; and as for so called Ecumenicalism, it not only excludes Christian Spiritualism with a concept of a hereafter for animals, outside; but is no more than a coming together of sickly and largely dying partners who are hardly ever likely to create a healthy betrothal.  Indeed, seeking to momentarily uphold one another because of increasing threats such as secularism and Islam, when otherwise they would be at loggerheads, is hardly commendable. Yes - and very sadly! - this case of a weak unholy rivalry is no less in vogue amongst some Bible bashing evangelical Christians than it is amongst less vociferous and more tolerant brands.
Indeed, those that claim to be the most Bible cantered are often the most bigoted and intolerant. Groups of self-styled believers – whose life style claims to be focussed on obeying the Scriptures – are often the worst culprits in anathematising other congregations of a not dissimilar orientation!  Indeed, it is quite laughable that having got folk to make a so called – and often very genuine, desire to serve Jesus – that they then consider their own brand of a personal relationship with Jesus as being the only authentic one!  Indeed, as for seeking to live a life in line with the teachings of Christ’s ‘Sermon On The Mount’, it would appear to have little part to play; their emphasis being on personal faith rather than practical works of all embracing love.
The need to follow the example of Jesus as both Good Shepherd and Leader hardly comes in to the mind of those whose sole emphasis is on Jesus as having died for them so as to assure them that no matter how vile and corrupt they have been or may become, Jesus has paid the price of all their misdeeds and, they - the elect! – are destined for a future Paradise of kindred spirits!  Well, I ask, could you have a more self-cantered ideology and interpretation of the gospels than that?  No wonder they are, mostly, so heavenly minded as to be of little earthly good!

Yes, as you will have discerned, I have little tolerance with those brands of Christianity in which I was, in early years, most deeply nurtured. If there are two things that can come with age – and with much blessing! - it is the gift of a compassionate tolerance as well as a ‘heaven sent’ wisdom. Yes, two things that are not only abysmally lacking in modern society as a whole, but in so many church circles as well. Yes, and - dare I say it? – in the circles of Animal Rights and Welfare:

“See these animal activists, how they adore each other?”
Well, who is one kidding? “See these animal activists how they loath their fellow rivals!” would be far nearer to the truth. Talk about unholy rivalry within and between the churches? Believe me, I’ve sampled it just as much within rallies one has attended. One of the first of these was when I’d been singled out to become patron of a top respectable group. However, word got around that I’d shared the same platform with an Animal Liberationist – not that I’d necessarily agreed with all the latter had stood for! – but I soon new what it was to be ostracised because of it!  Indeed, on another occasion - having compiled near the back page of an animal hymnal a list of societies one might wish to pray for in a weekly rota – I was urgently asked to have their society’s name removed as it did not wish to be remembered in prayer alongside more dubious ones
Yes, and as for meat eating – unless it’s for their pet Fido; or for purchasing milk and fish – unless its for their own pet pussy - then woe betide any fellow activist found procuring any of these tainted evils for his or her self! They’ll then have committed the cardinal sin of a vast movement that so often sees no harm in wrecking premises, antagonising police; and thriving on the utterance or display of four letter words! Yes, while at the same time wanting to get across the message that they are the selfless epitomes of gentleness, compassion and care. Yes, the protectors of timid birds and bunnies.  Well, I can only add that it is a real blessing for them that the Good book affirms: ‘Do not judge by the outer appearance for God looks on the heart!’
I fully agree that behind certain anarchist type activists there can be - at times - a heart of true compassion. There are always exceptions! However, the wisdom of the years equally tells me that activists refined and void of four word vocabularies; and without weird tattoos and studs in their noses; would then do an infinitely better job for the Animal Rights Movement as a whole, than do those who appear as scruffy yobs, or as ruthless as past SS guards of both sexes!.  Indeed, I am reminded of a saying once expressed, relating to a windbag of a hot gospel preacher, but equally relevant to a certain brand of animal activist: “What you are comes across so clearly that I have true difficulty in hearing your message!” But then it’s not confined to militant gospelites and animal rights advocates: we see it in opposing political parties where words carry no more conviction than would a campaign to spearhead the virtues of humility, if given by a Tory Kenneth Clarke; or a Labourite Lord Healey.

‘Give a dog a bad name and it sticks with it!’

 ‘Well in all fairness, should it?’ As just touched upon, the term Animal Activist has hardly created a refined and respectable image in the national media. Indeed, it is therefore, very understandable that so many prefer these days to term themselves by the less forceful term of an Animal Welfarist.  For myself, I prefer the former name any day, as the latter conveys to me the image of a watered down compromiser! So are the pictures we create in folks minds – through words and actions – going to be reflective of course bullyboys and butches, or of saintly and sensitive saints instead?.
Sadly, the term relating to a dogs name sticking with it, is one exceedingly hard to play down, and there are times when it really should be played down: especially when true reforms are in evidence.  In my mind, one of these relates to the term ‘McDonalds!’ How many of us as animal caring Christians, have a goodly image conjured up when such a name is given? Is it still comparable to a Boots or to a John Lewis’s?  Well, things do occasionally change; and so has McDonald’s.
 CIWF as well as the RSPCA have commended them in recent years; and so do I! The fact is that not only are their chips and one’s vegetarian choice of a meal fried in vegetable oil, but their milk coffee choices are all organic, as are the portions of milk served with tea.  Admittedly, most folks ask for carnivorous choices and what the customer asks for, the outlets provide for. But then all this applies to the vast percentage of all cafes, restaurants, shops and supermarkets throughout the UK. However, thanks to such an outlet as a local McDonalds, several animal sanctuaries have benefited; and as for receiving help to further our cause, a brilliant opportunity to give a lecture on my work for the animals came via one of their dedicated staff!

Yes, strange indeed, when on the same day, in seeking vegetarian garlic capsules from 'well respected' Holland & Barretts, one discovered that it was impossible to purchase purely vegetarian ones from them. Yes, as all such capsules were covered by beef gelatine!

 Thankfully, however, I was able to later get such capsules - at a much-reduced price, from Guernsey - which were one hundred percent vegetarian. Consequently, I commended Healthspan for such reasonably priced ‘all vegetarian’ ranges of health foods they were selling. Indeed, I assured them of future custom. Yes - until this week! - when, in sending to me a free health magazine, I found on one of its pages how they were so proud to infer that a generous percentage of their profits were now earmarked to further ‘Cancer Research UK!’

Indeed I tell you Dear Reader: those at the top of so many of our health food outlets may be quite academic in their own sphere, but as for having wisdom – the gift of the years! – the little tabby cat that frequents our garden is infinitely wiser.

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