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Summer 2012

‘Christians’ today are crucifying Christ afresh!

Forceful words to say? Yes, but they need to be said because they are largely one hundred percent true. Indeed, this was recently confirmed when I sought information from the main gentleman behind ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network in Ireland). The delightful spokesman for this respectable, militant and highly dignified animal organisation confirmed it to me through the following words: ‘The Church in Ireland is light years behind supporting any cause for the animals. Many priests both bless hare coursing and hunting!’

hare coursing

Yes, and we know that this refers, basically, to Roman Catholicism, though other less influential churches are also far from immune. Indeed, the appalling thing about Catholicism is that its moral priorities are so frequently topsy-turvy. For but one example of these, they will denounce the use of contraceptives even in the most poverty stricken of their countries; while at the same time fully endorsing factors such as bull fights and the throwing out of goats from church towers.
Indeed, if any major church has fallen in to the kind of condemnation that contemporary Judaism did from Christ Himself, then Catholicism has. I can hear again the words of our precious Lord saying of modern day Catholicism - as he did of first century Judaism - “Woe to you, ye blind leaders of the blind. You who pick out for dissection mere gnats while you swallow camels whole!” Yes, indeed, “you generation of vipers; who devour widows houses and for a cover up offer long prayers; how can you possibly escape the judgment of hell?”
Yes, “you whitened sepulchres!”, ‘nice and white in appearance on the outside but, inwardly full of rotting bones!’ I tell you, dear reader, such religious hypocrisy is as rife today, within that major denomination, as it was in the temple and synagogues of Jesus earthly ministry. Indeed, of that I have no doubt whatsoever because I’ve been around long enough to have sampled a great deal from all of the major Christian denominations within the UK. I have discovered that they have been well and truly “weighed in the balances and found wanting!” (Dan. 5:27)

Yes, and Protestantism has no need to feel smug, for this also includes a large brand of evangelical Protestantism which is frequently referred to as ‘Reformed!’  It is the outcome of sixteenth century Calvinism which has many 20th century offshoots. One of which is expressed through the various Plymouth Brethren branches; and another through a more rigid Presbyterianism sometimes referred to as ‘Wee Free!’; and - very sadly - even Ian Paisley of Ulster prominence, has followers who support such a biblical fallacy, even though the dear man has mellowed from it in more recent years.
Such a theology implies that so pre-eminent is the sovereignty of Almighty God that human choice and free will are a delusion. God is so supreme that He chooses whom He wants for salvation – His Elect! – and all the rest of creation are destined either for Hell or else annihilation. ‘Well, what an appalling theology!’ For if this is really so, then - taken to its logical conclusion! - humankind can have no free will and, therefore, being unable to choose between good or evil can be no more than comparable to a puppet in the Divine hand!. Consequently, being devoid of choice one cannot do either good or evil! Yet, quite paradoxically, such branches of Christendom who uphold such so-called sovereign-grace theology are, often the most vociferous in praising good as well as the most denunciatory in opposing evil!
The fact is that so many Protestants who uphold belief in an infallible Bible are as inconsistent as those of Catholicism who uphold belief in an infallible Church! Catholicism’s ‘semper eadem’ is absolute nonsense as Latin Christendom changes with the centuries, ‘though not as quick as some feminists and others of today may want it to!’ And as for Protestant Fundamentalism’s rigid and equal infallibility of a collection of books termed the Bible, it is obvious – except to the utterly blinkered! – that there are different forms of literary strata from different ages, often placed side by side! But, even of more importance, the pages convey evolving theories of how one interpreted God’s dealings with His people; and what His chosen people believed of Him in one age is frequently not what they thought of Him in a succeeding one.
Indeed, equally as bad as the above inconsistencies, is the deviousness of separating biblical history and revelation in to various dispensations of time so as to imply that what God actually required at one era is different from another! To justify such juggling through quoting isolated texts – such as: ‘rightly dividing the word of truth!’ (2.Tim.2:15) - is nothing but a sinister deviousness which does not hold up to scholarship worthy of the name. Such ’juggling with scriptural passages’ is an insult to true exegesis. Yet it is subtly used to imply that factors like animal slaughter, full Sabbath observance, salvation through good works, etc: - though necessary to those of past or future dispensations - are not required of us today. Well, how very convenient! All we need to do is identify ourselves as one of God’s chosen and predestined elect. Yes, and then thank God that we are not hell bound reprobates like all the outsiders!

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