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Summer 2012

United in limiting God’s circle of compassion

I love the words of a Father Faber’s hymn that begins:

               ‘Souls of men why will ye scatter like a flock of frightened sheep?
                 Foolish hearts, why will ye wander from a love so true and deep?’

Indeed, the following verses are also most dearly touching:

                For the love of God is broader than the measures of man’s mind;
                And the heart of the Eternal is most wonderfully kind

Yes, but very sadly the following verses, such as the following one, sum it up admirably:

                     But we make His love too narrow by false limits of our own;
                      And we magnify His strictness with a zeal He will not own!

Indeed, so many of us today are as blinkered as were those first disciples who said: “Master, we found some one casting out Demons and we forbid and rebuked him because he was not one of us”  Yet Jesus replied: “Rebuke him not, for no one can do a good work unless God is with him” Yes, indeed! Yet, so many of us today – from pious Catholics to puritanical Protestants - fail to have learned that lesson.
These two major extremes of Christian ‘misinterpretation’ have one thing that they very much hold in common:  ‘outside of their own comfortable circle there can be no salvation!’ Indeed, very sadly, the little knowledge such adherents hold of other Christian persuasions is often only what they’ve picked up from upholders of their own Faith. For but one example, up to very recent times, for an RC to read any religious publication lacking an Imprimatur from one of their own bishops was to be branded as living in a state of Mortal sin! As such, it could only be absolved through priestly absolution, The penitent – then acquiring it from a father confessor - would most probably be admonished and gravely warned not to dabble in ‘heretical poison!’
Well, I may have digressed in this News Letter a good deal from strictly writing on the animal issues of life, but such things need to be said, and others have not infrequently called me ‘a spiritual tramp’ for nothing. Indeed, I much prefer it to being an ecclesiastical clone! For dabbling in far off years, in to the teachings of so many Christian sects and denominations, has taught me one thing above all the rest. ‘It is that most church folk, intentionally or otherwise, are regular in worship primarily so that when they sooner or later ‘pop their clogs’ or ‘kick the bucket’ (depending where one lives in the UK!), then they’ll have a nice niche reserved for them in the hereafter!’ Yes, and I sense that to meet such an assurance, the average church primarily exists!
Then why should such motivated churches involve themselves in other forms of life, either human or animal? From a mercenary minded aspect places of worship can’t get a Collection or a lump sum for a Requiem from a pet dog or cat! While, as for non domestic animals, they’re only assumed good for food, clothing or sport! As there is money to be made from these, then churches will happily bless both the butchers, the matadors and the huntsmen! Yes, like the Old Testament priests who lived off Israel’s ‘fat of the land’ - while at the same time ‘turning a Nelson’s eye’ to the shady morals of those who upheld them most! - so it is similar with many clerics of our 21st century.

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