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Summer 2012

Prophets cast out of today’s ‘synagogues!’ as Christ foretold

Can you wonder, then, why those few and depleted ‘trouble stirrers’ of today who ‘rock the boat’ in true prophetic style are hounded from out of ‘respectable’ places of worship?  Indeed, a most godly Chemist once said to me of a new bishop: “They say he is such a nice man. People from all walks of life say that he has such a warm, condescending and approachable manner. No one - as yet! – seems ever to have said anything critical or offensive about him. “Ah yes!” he added: “such a marked contrast, indeed, to the prophets of the Old Testament; the apostles of the New Testament; all the martyrs since! Yes, and most of all, of Jesus Himself!” Well there you have it! Jesus said: “Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you!” The Divine Physician knew that the truth, which alone can set one free, can equally hurt when His Holy Spirit finds and touches the injured part of one’s conscience. Yes, so often, one needs to be upset for a while in order to be set up forever!
In a 265 page book, which I strongly commend: ‘Familiar Strangers’ By John Gilheany! (Ascendant Press ISBN 978-0-9552945-1-8; and available via all leading book shops) a concise chapter touches on some of my own puny efforts for our animal cause. Yes, and nearing the closing words, he quotes these lines from myself:
“Yes, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when many clerics bearing crooks, and aligned in soft raiment, are turned away from the gates of the heavenly Jerusalem; and many a balaclava’d activist is ushered in.”
Well, I stand by those words; and I’m not ashamed of them. Consequently, I sent a copy of this ‘most relevant and timely book’ to my bishop; but he’s never responded! I am wondering why? He’s such a warm and affable character, and not lacking in a sense of humour! Of more relevance, I’m wondering why he hasn’t renewed my license to officiate and preach throughout his diocese. Whenever I ask his secretary to connect me to him, she then asks: “who is calling?” I seem to get the same reply: ‘He is away this week!’ Well, I’ll keep on trying. I truly hope I’m not ‘a thorn in his flesh!’ I doubt it; as in all fairness, on the only time we’ve spoken together, he said how he fully admired what I’d done for the animals. Yes, and  – like the archbishop his senior – he feels a really deep concern for the ‘intensive farming’ communities of Wales!

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