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Winter 2012

Another Fantastic Service of Animal Blessing

Although the heavens had opened following a cloud burst, the congregation of over thirty humans - plus a selection of four legged friends - was a blessing to behold; the venue being at Bethel Baptist Chapel in Holywell when the gifted Organist was my wife Doreen. The soloist was forthright campaigner and celebrity singer Judi Hewitt: founder of ‘Wales Against animal Cruelty’. Yes, and we were also pleased to welcome – amongst those other loyal faithfuls - Sheila Stewart,         

Co-founder, with her late husband, of ‘Capricorn Animal Rescue.’ Indeed, two outstanding foundations for the animal cause in Wales of which I feel honoured, to be patron for both.

 Animal Padre
With Sheila and Judi, in front of Bethel Chapel’s pulpit

I would also add that for any who are under the misapprehension that such events are noisy; that the animals are in an uproar; and that the congregation of animal lovers are in flummox trying to keep their pets in control; that nothing is further from the truth!  Indeed - while also seated at the organ - Doreen snapped several photos and the one below is but one of these that, I feel, speaks for itself.  Indeed, such worship has to be attended to be appreciated.

 Animal Padre

From the moment that I began the Worship of Almighty God with the Introductory verses of Holy Scripture, followed by the singing of the first hymn, a tremendous peace was felt in one’s midst. Yes, The good Shepherd was with us, and His Holy Spirit guided us along. Indeed, He has the whole world in His hand and God forbid that we should exclude from His ark of salvation what Noah of old knew to gladly welcome aboard! I tell you that the kinds of spiritual arrogance and exclusivity practised by some kinds of, so-called, believers in their assemblies is something that must make the very angels of Heaven weep.

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