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Autumn 2013

Are Not These Females Amongst The Scum Of The Earth?

The above are strong words to use but saurely they are justifiable, and particularly as they are of the fairer sex? Indeed, that these are specimens of womanhood and also potential mothers surely makes it even more revolting. When one thinks that this nation’s future generation is so largely governed by the attitude and the moral sensitivities of its own mothers, this photo on the right makes one just about shudder out of concern for what is to follow.

Animal Padre Autumn 2013

I ask, What kind of influence are such hard hearted ‘bitches’ - who giggle over the sad carcasses of a whole host of mutilated birds spread out in front of them - going to leave in the minds of their children?

And as for a Pippa Middleton (3rd from the left)– no doubt the centre of attention because of her close associations with royalty! – she is surely nothing but a national disgrace! Indeed, that in an age when one is given the option, as never before, with a whole selection of humane cruelty free foods, the excuses made for shooting birds for food are inexcusable. And don’t try to tell me that such creatures are humanely shot and dispatched painlessly, because only the most gullible in society could believe it.

Indeed, think of all those who have been left to bleed to death over a vast period of time due to having been mortally wounded. Indeed, it is too disgusting as well as painful to ever contemplate! Consequently, I have no choice but to view this prominent Pippa Middleton, along with her ‘hangers on’, as vain, empty and soulless.

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