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Autumn 2013

The Vile Excuse Used For Now Shooting Badgers

This government sponsored badger cull, sanctioned - indeed promoted! - by our present Coalition Government is nothing less than a promotion of blood sports for which the tax payer has to pay the colossal bill. It is done in complete defiance of the most up to date and reliable scientific research and will undoubtedly lead sooner or later to human casualties being involved.

It is undoubtedly ‘a massacre of the innocents’ and has been spearheaded by callous thugs with hearts as frozen as ice. Yes, villains whose greatest pleasure is that of being ‘trigger happy’ at shooting wild defenceless lives, most of which will not be shot outright but will suffer various forms of a slow and lingering death.

Yes, and for each badger, once dead, such thugs will receive a financial reward at taxpayers’ expense! Indeed, such is the situation that has been brought about under the leadership of a spineless David Cameron: one I sense to be equally as ‘soul-dead’ as was a past Labour leader: the notorious Tony Blair!

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