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Summer 2013

Wales - Once the Land of Past Christian Revivals! and Its Own Government that Condones Awful Animal Suffering

For Example: The Appalling Evil Of Welsh Puppy Farms

Animal Padre newsletter puppy mills

Doreen and I were asked not only to take part in a protest outside of the impressive Welsh Parliament buildings in Cardiff, but also that I use the occasion to bless the animals present that had been rescued from Welsh puppy farms. (Photo above!). The Demo arranged by CARIAD (Care And Respect Includes All Dogs) (a term of endearment, but also short for campaign against rearing intensive animal) was a most moving one and after a few assembly ministers and councillors had spoken I was privileged not only to address the gathering but to bless animals present as well.
The day was sunny and bright and an accomplished singer took part.  Regrettably, however, the evil practice of ‘battery kittens’ still goes on after such a peaceful and powerful protest! Indeed, Wales has a lot to answer for: and especially in the light that vivisection in the universities has also soared.

A land in which ‘The Lord’s my shepherd’ is sung so lustily; along with Calon Lan (a quest for a pure heart!), in church and chapel on Sundays; is a land with a severely stinted compassion.  Indeed, its own Assembly Government, influenced so much by perpetrators of intensive factory farming, will have much to answer for ‘on the Day of Judgment’. Welsh activist movement CARIAD needs all the support it can possibly muster. We must not fail it.

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