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Summer 2013

Is The New Archbishop Of Canterbury ‘A Wet Lettuce?’

  1. One expects to see in the top primate of ‘the world wide Anglican Communion of churches’ one who is firm and strong in convictions, but this is not to be found in Justin Welby!  First of all – in the brief time that he’s been in office – he has changed his mind to please a majority supportive of same sex ‘marriage’.  Yes, and since then - so as to appease ‘blood lust ‘sports’ enthusiasts – he has turned down a request to be vice president of the RSPCA!
  2. Yes indeed, the ground rock of family life in which to bring up children is to be so compromised that, in a society where children hardly know who their father is, they are going to be given two: one of which may choose to be called mother. And this is not a joke because new laws are to be brought in to practice by which men can be called women and women called men. Indeed, if it were not so trtagic and destructive of stable family life then it would be, unbelievably humorous.

And of course, the above is not the end because just given a little more time and polygamy amongst all types of sexual orientations will no doubt be the following step.  Indeed, none is more broadminded than myself (and I really am!) but seeing the way that family life will further disintegrate, makes it all extremely upsetting; and most especially for the ‘up and coming’ generation of computer orientated children. Indeed, they have already – with few exceptions – become largely moulded along automaton lines: oblivious of little more reality than an IPod as their ever present god!
Our new archbishop of Canterbury – by his compromises and complacencies – is not only indirectly condoning the disintegration of Christian family life as it has been handed down for centuries but he is also – via his recent snub towards the RSPCA – indirectly commending the desensitisation of the soul through refusing to ally himself with a progressive RSPCA which openly opposes blood ‘sports’. Consequently, if  this first of archbishops to turn down the offer of vice president of the RSPCA is not another ‘wet lettuce’ then I fail to know the meaning of such a term. All I would add is that he and this present Prime Minister would make ‘jolly good bed mates’. They appear to have so much in common!
Last Sunday my text for a sermon was: ‘There were giants in the land in those days’ (Genesis 6:4). I touched on John Bunyan, John Wesley, William Wilberforce, William Booth, Gladys Ayleward, and many others.  But one thing is sure: there are none in the land today. However, there are vast assortments of ‘wet lettuces’ whose ‘sell by dates’ are well and truly past; and due to their odour they need putting in to the garbage bin.  St John knew about them in his day. In his book of The Apocalypse he was inspired to write that because they were neither hot nor cold, alive or dead, but lukewarm, God would spew them out of his mouth: (See Revelation  chp 3: verse 16)

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